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Combining technology and services to embrace change

We might think that things are changing fast, but the truth is that they will never change this slowly again. With the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in transformation – where telecom and IT meet – new skills are needed, requiring a combination of technology and services, rather than one at a time.

ICT is transforming the way billions of people work, play and communicate. Consumer lifestyles are changing rapidly, with mobile devices using more data as they access more products and services.

And a variety of industries – such as media, transportation and utilities – are realizing the transformative power of a fast-moving ICT environment. This brings opportunities and challenges both to operators and other industries, requiring insights and different ways of thinking to embrace the change.

Did you know?

New software launch

Networks Software 15A

With Software 15A Ericsson introduces a new software model for mobile networks with predefined software packages ensuring better performance and a software subscription model reducing time to market for new functionality.

Ericsson Networks Software 15A

New product launch

RBS 6402

Ericsson launches the first indoor picocell with carrier aggregation, which doubles capacity, delivering 300 Mbps LTE speeds and the best indoor experience, in a tablet-sized footprint.

Ericsson RBS 6402

Leveraging OpenStack to solve telco needs

Leveraging OpenStack to solve telco needs

This introduction to SDN/NFV features AT&T's Toby Ford and Ericsson's Mats Karlsson. It's 40 minutes long but well worth you time.

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TV is a new game and it’s time to play

TV is a new game and it’s time to play

The new era of entertainment and connectivity has arrived. The year is 2020 and where are you? This is our view of the future.

TV is a new game and it’s time to play