Carrier Wi-Fi

Ericsson Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi networks are massively scalable and seamlessly integrate with the carrier core to deliver a great user experience.


With the acquisition of BelAir Networks, Ericsson gained a leading position in carrier-grade Wi-Fi equipment both in terms of installed base and product portfolio. Integrating BelAir Networks solutions with Ericsson's mobile infrastructure leadership accelerates the integration of Wi-Fi and cellular technologies and strengthens Ericsson’s heterogeneous network offering. Ericsson is also taking a leading role in the development of standards that support carrier-grade Wi-Fi, including PasspointTM (also known as Hotspot 2.0), enabled through industry bodies such as Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA), 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

The robust portfolio of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points (AP), control and management solutions address any operator deployment opportunity. Massively scalable and designed to integrate seamlessly with the operator’s core network, the Ericsson Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi offering, proven with Tier One operators in some of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks, is comprised of:

  • Indoor and outdoor APs – these compact, robust AP’s support the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac standards and feature a full range of power, mounting and backhaul options enabling fast and cost-effective deployment in any operator use case.
  • Controllers – supporting up to 2,000 APs each, controllers are designed for scalability, wide area mobility and carrier-grade security and can be premise-based or deployed at the operator’s location.
  • Management – the management framework, comprising both Network Management and Business Intelligence, supports up to 50,000 access points (APs) and provides comprehensive fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) functions to reduce deployment and troubleshooting time and speed up network deployment while collating valuable network statistics, trends and usage information to enable faster decision-making.

Scalability and Core Integration

Ericsson Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi can be deployed and expanded quickly and easily and has already been proven in massive networks for Tier One operators. Network management supports up to 100,000 APs in a single network while provisioning templates, GPS enabled APs, street mapping and operator-friendly mounting, power and backhaul options speed up deployment. Ericsson Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi also features lightweight mediation to the mobile or fixed core and offers a flexible architecture that integrates with any carrier topology.

Improved user experience

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi complement Ericsson’s hetnet offering to further improve the mobile broadband user experience, even in the face of demanding video applications. Video now accounts for nearly 70% of data usage on our largest Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi networks and, by 2015, 90% of all internet traffic is predicted to be video. Features such as advanced multicast, optimized priority queuing, rate and aggregation coalescing and latency-aware loss compensation improve throughput while reducing packet error rate, latency and jitter resulting in an enhanced user experience.