Ericsson Expert Analytics

Big data analytics for telcos

Improve customer experiences and drive new revenue with a real-time, end-to-end telecom analytics solution that offers unique insights and closed-loop actions.   

Ericsson Expert Analytics Overview

Operator marketing, operations and customer care teams are under increasing pressure to deliver customer experiences that drive revenue growth and keep subscribers happy. Big data analytics tools have helped uncover valuable information. But fully leveraging insights exactly when they can be most impactful has proved a challenge. Operators have also had difficulty adapting generic big data solutions for their specific needs.

Ericsson Expert Analytics eliminates the hurdles that operators face as they aim to take swift actions that positively impact the bottom line. It is goes beyond traditional big data analytics by incorporating the domain knowledge that makes the solution telecom-ready, based on Ericsson’s deep network experience and user research, and offers the most advanced customer experience management capabilities. This includes delivering actionable insights that drive new revenue growth and improve customer experiences.

What is Ericsson Expert Analytics?

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a telecom analytics solution that measures all perceived customer experiences based on metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS and other sources. Key insights used to deliver tailored offers and customer responses include:

  • Service level index. Predicts customer satisfaction – based on objective quality and subjective weightings by customer segment – over time, allowing for better targeting of retention or upsell actions.
  • Subscriber profile. Incorporates usage trends, location patterns and customer value indicators for a complete understanding of the subscriber and best actions to take.
  • End-to-end session record. Correlates experience impacts with granular network and device events, and interprets these events to determine the “most probable cause” and therefore the “best next action” to improve experience or target offers.
  • Device analytics. Provides in-depth insights about which devices drive profitability, usage and superior experiences.
  • OTT application analytics. Offers insights about app usage that informs investment and marketing decisions.

Why Use Ericsson Expert Analytics?

Ericsson Expert Analytics comes ready to address a broad range of telecom use cases. It leverages Ericsson’s vast telco domain knowledge and experience, providing a toolset that helps operators meet changing business and consumer demands. By converting data to insights, and – through integration with our leading OSS/BSS portfolio – converting insights to actions, Ericsson Expert Analytics delivers significant impact in key areas, such as real-time experience management and enterprise SLA management.

Consider Ericsson Expert Analytics as your big data analytics solution if you want to:

  • Improve subscriber retention. Better customer experiences result in happy subscribers who won’t want to leave for another provider.
  • Increase revenues. Encourage use of new services when subscribers are most likely to react, driving new revenue streams.
  • Enhance customer care. Shorter call durations, faster trouble resolution and proactive attention to usage issues give subscribers the experience they deserve.
  • Boost Net Promoter Scores. Make improvements and take actions that will make subscribers want to spread the word about their experiences.