Granite Inventory

Gain an enterprise-wide view of your services, application-specific resources, and networks with Granite Inventory software.

Granite Inventory Overview

As your networks grow and become more complex, it is critical to have a centralized view of inventory. Complexity also requires separate specialized engineering domains which need to be coordinated whenever you add new technology, equipment or systems. When decisions are documented in disparate systems, the provisioning process can oscillate among organizations and it can take longer to reach a workable, and likely suboptimal, plan.

There's a better way. Granite Inventory software consolidates and synchronizes the attributes of your services and networks to deliver a precise view of all your assets. That means no more manual data exchanges among organizations. No more guessing. Just clear, accurate service and network inventory management data, every time.

What is Granite Inventory?

Part of our Fulfillment suite, Granite Inventory lets you keep track of your physical and logical resources, speed up provisioning, and improve the reliability of your network inventory management and fulfillment processes.

A platform for planning, designing, rearranging and documenting the inventory of complex communication services and networks, Granite Inventory can provide a comprehensive view of your services, resources, and networks and the relationships among them. Features include:

  • Service and Network Inventory Management. Ties services to your network.
  • Automated Provisioning. Enables quick, consistent process flowthrough.
  • Data Accuracy. Maximizes resource utilization and reduces errors.
  • Data Visualization. Analyzes data at all levels.

Why Use Granite Inventory?

Granite Inventory is designed to be the nerve center of a no-fallout flowthrough operational environment. It has all the flexibility and functionality to be your inventory database of record to help you make the best use of your resources and capital. Consider Granite Inventory if you want to:

  • Cut costs. Eliminate costly data cleansing with automated discovery and reconciliation. Minimize costly coding with a software development kit.
  • Work faster. Quickly introduce services and speed order processing: Our clients have reported 70% faster provisioning with 95% flowthrough.
  • Operate more efficiently. Save time and money by automating your inventory assignment, and provisioning processes – including network rearrangements.
  • Get exceptional data accuracy. Increase inventory data accuracy to 90% or better. Properly control the integrity of operational data associated with a group of related tasks or projects.
  • See data clearly. Get a consolidated view of all your data, including data federation, with graphical views supplemented with more detailed tabular information.
  • Use all your resources. Recover stranded and lost assets. Uncover unused capacity. Keep track of how capacity is configured.

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