Ericsson GSM Radio Access Network

The GSM standard is continuously evolving with innovations such as VAMOS and EDGE Evolution. Our constant focus on technology leadership and lowest total cost of ownership makes Ericsson’s GSM RAN the most deployed in the world. Our GSM RAN portfolio consists of the following products with associated software functionality:

  • RBS 6000 and site products
  • High Density BSC and Evo Controller 8000 products

Since the introduction of smartphones, GSM data traffic has grown by 1,100 percent. Voice traffic has grown 170 percent. Nearly 30 million new GSM-only subscriptions are added globally each month. Voice continues to be the most important revenue source, while interest in HD voice is growing among operators offering VoLTE. To ensure a smooth user experience, it is necessary to introduce HD voice for GSM and WCDMA, and to secure GSM integration with WCDMA/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. Spectrum refarming is becoming more critical in order to expand mobile coverage and capacity to handle smartphone traffic. Typically the GSM 900MHz band is freed up for 3G and the 1800MHz band for LTE.

Ericsson’s offering

To address this new situation for GSM, Ericsson has adapted its GSM offerings for the following areas that operators need to continue to invest in:

  • Smartphone efficiency to handle the smartphone traffic in GSM networks
  • Spectrum efficiency to handle growing traffic volumes on less available spectrum without service degradation
  • Multi-standard radio with GSM, 3G, LTE and WiFi working together
  •  Opex efficiency with a focus on operations automation and reduced energy consumption
  • Improved speech quality for better user experience.
  • Main values

When you choose Ericsson GSM RAN, you get:

  • Excellent in-service performance
  • High-capacity networks in spectrum-constrained areas
  • Future proof – a smooth evolution path to 3G/LTE with Multi-Standard Radio technologies.

Proof points

More than 45 percent of the GSM traffic worldwide is on Ericsson GSM RAN networks. We have installed more than 1.5 million RBS sites with 300 customers in 170 countries.

Future direction of GSM

Thin Layer GSM

A GSM network layer will co-exist with other radio technologies and continue to play a vital role beyond 2020 given its advantages in coverage, number of subscribers, low-cost terminals, roaming and M2M.

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