Ericsson IMS is a standardized architecture enabling the creation of value added services like HD voice, VoLTE , video communication, HD video conferencing, PSTN transformation and multimedia communication.


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Multimedia Telephony Application Server MTAS

Ericsson Multimedia Telephony Application Server, our SIP application server for IP telephony and multimedia, meets all necessary large network telephony requirements. It is designed for Voice ...

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Enriched Messaging

Ericsson Enriched Messaging provides a seamless and cost efficient evolution path for operators introducing VoLTE, RCS 5.1 and business communication services to their ...

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Call Session Control Function CSCF

Ericsson Call Session Control Function (CSCF) is at the heart of the IMS system. It manages all the signaling from end-user to services and other networks.

Thanks to the introduction of IP ...

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Session Border Gateway SBG

Guarantee security, privacy and quality of service with Ericsson Session Border Gateway, a carrier-class session border controller accessing and interconnecting IMS and other IP multimedia ...

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Media Resource System MRS

Ericsson Media Resource System (MRS) is a high-performance carrier class product, which provides the converged media plane functionality in IMS networks. It provides superior energy efficiency, ...

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Web Communication Gateway

The Ericsson Web Communication Gateway (WCG) translates between telecom and Internet protocols. It exposes communication APIs in an Internet-friendly way, making it easy to add communication ...