Product and Service Catalog

Launch new offerings and orchestrate automated fulfillment processes with lower costs and greater reliability with our single catalog management system.

Product and Service Catalog Overview

In order to meet competitive challenges and customer expectations, operators have to constantly develop and launch exciting new services. At the same time, these services are becoming more and more complex. Traditional service development and delivery are too slow and too fraught with hazards and inaccuracies, which is why some operators are unable to keep pace.

Ericsson’s product and service catalog management system can make sure you do. It lets you define, use and reuse proven components to build product offerings, containing all of the commercial and technical information necessary for successful launches. When the catalog is used to drive OSS, BSS and service enablement functions, it significantly reduces new service development time, streamlines IT support, improves orchestration accuracy, and enables easier collaboration internally and with third-party partners.

Quickly Create New Products and Services

Our product and service catalog management system is a single, federated repository of all information needed to create and manage a product offering. It contains the relevant commercial information, service details and technical resource specifications that are defined as components.   Relevant components can be customized and combined in multiple combinations for quick service assembly and seamless service delivery. With secure access by internal and external developers, the information in the catalog is available to collaborators who can access existing components or add new ones to the library.


Catalog Manager

Simplify product management and increase automation with Ericsson Catalog Manager, a single catalog management system that lets you rapidly introduce products and lower operating costs.