Ericsson Telecom CRM

Increase your customer agility and remove obstacles that get in the way of a superior customer experience, with the CRM system specifically designed for telecom operators.

Ericsson Telecom CRM Overview

The customer experience is one of the few last areas where operators can differentiate themselves, but the patchwork of disconnected legacy back-end systems can frustrate customer-facing staff and customers alike. One of the most common IT objectives is to integrate BSS/OSS systems (e.g. charging and billing systems) with CRM systems to achieve a holistic view and understanding of the customer base. But very few operators have managed to achieve this, often citing the cost and risk of the required IT transformation.

Ericsson Telecom CRM helps you overcomes these problems. It lets you deliver a superior customer experience while driving greater operation efficiency, while crucially reducing the time, cost and risk of implementation and systems integration. Based on Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 2013 and pre-integrated with Ericsson’s suite of BSS & OSS products, it supports the specific business processes and workflows of the telecom industry and makes sense of the customer information available throughout your organization. You get a holistic, 360+ view of the customer, along with proven tools for marketing effectiveness, sales productivity and customer care. In every aspect, from implementation to use, it removes obstacles so you can provide the optimal customer experience.

What is Ericsson Telecom CRM?

Part of our Customer Relationship Management portfolio, Ericsson Telecom CRM is a true enterprise-class, cost effective, telecom-specific CRM system built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform. It can support any type of communication service provider – mobile, fixed, broadband and cable, and it offers multi-channel interaction, including telephone, self-care, point-of-sales, IVR, fax, e-mail and social media. It is pre-integrated with Ericsson convergent charging and billing products, Ericsson Charging & Billing in One and Ericsson BSCS iX. Key features include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics® CRM foundation. Personnel use a familiar, user-friendly GUI with enhanced capabilities that support the specific business processes of the telecom industry, based on TM Forum Frameworx.
  • Offer catalog. Personnel can see the products, offers and services available to sell to the customer, with the ability to bundle offers, manage discounts and promotions, and set basic eligibility guidelines and offer approval workflows.
  • CSR toolbox. Customer-facing personnel have a 360+ view of the customer on an information-rich screen, with one-click access to detailed information and the most commonly used business processes, using such features as advanced telecom specific search options for MSISDN, account, invoice, etc.
  • Business Interaction Framework. Manage all the interactions with a customer enables operators to define standard process flows and procedures for handling customers in different situations and for different services. By recording all interactions, a history is maintained that allows CSRs to provide a consistent customer experience. A rich set of Business Interactions are provided out-of-the-box with tools for efficient custom creation and adaptation of business interactions.
  • Order capture functionality. Working with the offer catalog and billing ensures the creation and modification of the customer contract with the commercial offerings using basic eligibility and availability checks.
  • Shared Information Data Model (SID) translation layer. All data including customer and order information is transmitted in standardized, TM Forum-compliant, SID entity structures via SID-based APIs.

Why Use Ericsson Telecom CRM?

Ericsson Telecom CRM draws on our unique understanding of telecom business processes to help you deliver superior levels of experience through customer service, marketing and sales interactions while maximizing operational efficiency. It also lets you dramatically reduce implementation risk in terms of cost and time-to-deployment. Consider Ericsson Telecom CRM if you want to:

  • Gain greater control of TCO. Cut integration costs and reduce administration and maintenance support through our simpler database structure, direct database integration capability and simpler service module structure.
  • Reduce deployment time. Take advantage of pre-integration with other Ericsson solutions and easier integration with other vendors’ solutions.
  • Future-proof your CRM system. Be ready for the future – our well-defined roadmap is synchronized with Microsoft’s so key functionality releases are available with minimal delay.
  • Deliver superior customer service. Gain agility and efficiency in customer-facing operations and drive a superior experience for the end user.