Ericsson BSCS iX R3

BSCS iX helps you offer customers the convenience of convergent billing and customer care for all services, and a choice of service packages to suit their lifestyle or business needs.

Key benefits to your business

Key Benefits

Enhancements included in BSCS iX Release 3 are designed to provide the following business benefits:

Increase Customer Choice with Advanced Payment Convergence

Success in today’s converging market place requires communications providers to differentiate through a wide choice of tailored services, propositions, and superior customer service. BSCS iX Release 3 extends the marketing capabilities of previous versions for postpaid and prepaid subscribers. Communications providers can reward frequent or high value top-ups and offer subscription based tariffs to all subscribers. Pay Via Voucher provides alternative choice of payment for postpaid users who may not have access to a formal banking system. Develop

New Business Models for an all-IP World

BSCS iX Release 2 introduced Diameter based protocol in readiness for IMS based all-IP services. In accordance with the latest IMS specifications, BSCS iX Release 3 builds on its predecessor’s capabilities, with the introduction of new features that enable fixed and mobile convergence via a single number, a single contract, and a unified invoice. The new release also supports charging for multiple services within one session while backward rating mechanisms permit users to receive advance notice of remaining minutes or data volume. Release 3 also introduces the additional IMS requirement for charging data security via Transport Layer Protocol.

Facilitate Business Intelligence Competency

CSPs are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the data within their business systems to make informed strategic business decisions. The challenge is to extract and transform this data to provide real business intelligence. BSCS iX Release 3 incorporating Business Objects business intelligence software provides business intelligence competency by enabling access to critical business data with superior dashboard presentation and reporting capabilities. With this functionality, CSP Management will be able to make better business decisions based on the billing data related intelligence.

Expand Partner Dependent Revenue

BSCS iX has been designed to support business consolidation for multiple business units, companies, or brands and enable partner dependent business streams. Release 3 includes a range of new functionality that supports the growing maturity and billing complexity of CSPs’ partner-based business. New accounting functions enable business models that require settlement of third party invoices. The new Accounting Center application creates comprehensive overview and control over all partner transactions. BSCS iX Release 3 also enhances managed billing services, such as MVNO billing, via advanced financial separation combined with service and marketing flexibility, to operate independent strategies and separate business entities within the same system.

Safeguard Operators’ Revenue Streams

Competition has reduced telecom margins significantly. With BSCS iX Release 3 communications providers gain many tools and functions to help secure revenue streams and improve top-line performance. Operators can define flexible payment terms to push payment morale, ensure revenue collection from billing errors through re-rating of usage events and leverage a web services based interface to easily communicate with external collections systems. In addition, a new online charging fall-back system provides even more security of prepaid revenue streams.

Achieve Operational Excellence

LHS continually strives to help its customers to reduce costs and achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability within their billing operations. BSCS iX Release 3 delivers some significant new features with this specific objective. A new monitoring application allows insights into the heart of the system and a set of operation support scripts enable the automation of typical operational tasks. Release 3 introduces horizontal scalability for the charging sub-subsystem. This means that hardware capacity can be added through multiple smaller, less costly nodes. Several features have been introduced to further optimize robustness and reliability of online billing operations, such as high availability in customer care, live updates of the online charging system, etc.