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Software Defined Agility

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação estabelecem parceria para mercados externos

Presença global da Ericsson, vasta experiência e know-how da PT Sistemas de Informação na implementação de Sistemas de Suporte às Operações (OSS) e de Order Management, e soluções líderes de mercado da ConceptWave são os alicerces da parceria estabelecida.

Agility at the heart: Service Provider SDN

To fully realize the potential of a cloud-based architecture for applications and network functions, the underlying network connectivity infrastructure needs to respond to change requests with the same agility that exists today in the cloud.

Customer experience and big data key to telco success

Ovum analyst Clare McCarthy shares her insights into how the customer experience paradigm and big data analytics are vital to the success of telecom operators.

Technology Profile – Mats Näslund

Mats Näslund, Ericsson expert in Network and Information Security, speaks about the challenge of designing solutions that will provide true trustworthiness for the 5G networks of tomorrow.

Sailing through the signaling storm

Sailing through the signaling storm

What happens when everybody tries to connect to a network at the same time? Our new white paper explains how operators can maximize both performance and availability.

Youth culture, urbanization and the rise of smartphones are three key trends impacting the ICT sector in South East Asia and Oceania, according to the region’s appendix to the Ericsson Mobility Report.