Bem-vindo à Ericsson Portugal

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação estabelecem parceria para mercados externos

Presença global da Ericsson, vasta experiência e know-how da PT Sistemas de Informação na implementação de Sistemas de Suporte às Operações (OSS) e de Order Management, e soluções líderes de mercado da ConceptWave são os alicerces da parceria estabelecida.

Rising mobile broadband subscriptions and data traffic reported

The latest update to the Ericsson Mobility Report reveals that mobile broadband subscriptions surpassed the 3 billion mark in Q2, 2015, and in that quarter, 55 percent growth in data traffic was recorded year-on-year.

A fond farewell to the analog age

Ericsson ConsumerLab celebrates 20 years in consumer research with a nostalgic series of short films that show how new types of media and technology have influenced everyday life in that time.

Rethinking Energy Performance

It’s possible for operators to manage ever increasing data traffic, improve app coverage and lower energy consumption - when energy performance is addressed for the entire network.

Is communication technology bringing families closer together?

If you’ve ever wondered about the impact that communication technology is having on the modern family, then a new report from Ericsson ConsumerLab will make interesting reading.

Transformation and Agility: The Meaning behind the Buzzwords

Ericsson’s Head of OSS/BSS Marketing Pamela Mallette sheds light on the steps that make ”agility” and ”transformation” a reality.