Bem-vindo à Ericsson Portugal

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação estabelecem parceria para mercados externos

Presença global da Ericsson, vasta experiência e know-how da PT Sistemas de Informação na implementação de Sistemas de Suporte às Operações (OSS) e de Order Management, e soluções líderes de mercado da ConceptWave são os alicerces da parceria estabelecida.

Ericsson innovation - shaping the Networked Society

Open innovation is at the core of Ericsson. Thanks to our industry leading researchers and long history, we can chart new, disruptive technologies like no other. See how our innovations are shaping the Networked Society.

While the buzz is building for the next annual 10 Hot Consumer Trends report, Ericsson’s Michael Björn gives you an update on how trends developed this year.

How Maritime ICT Cloud is transforming shipping

Ericsson is using its ICT expertise to increase the efficiency of shipping – watch this video to learn how.

High Dynamic Range - the next step in video quality

Watching TV is a natural part of our lives and HDR is the next big thing. In this video Ericsson Research explains how HDR will improve moving image quality and change our viewing experience.

Networked lifestyle fast turning mainstream

With netizens leading the way, more than 80 percent of consumers globally are moving toward an all-inclusive networked lifestyle, according to a new Ericsson ConsumerLab report.