Bem-vindo à Ericsson Portugal

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação

Ericsson e PT Sistemas de Informação estabelecem parceria para mercados externos

Presença global da Ericsson, vasta experiência e know-how da PT Sistemas de Informação na implementação de Sistemas de Suporte às Operações (OSS) e de Order Management, e soluções líderes de mercado da ConceptWave são os alicerces da parceria estabelecida.

Wider sharing ecosystem with data at the center

Connectivity is causing a shift in business models from products to services, and transport is one of the industries feeling the impact.This paper about a wider sharing ecosystem shows the pivotal role of data in transport solutions.

Is anybody in charge around here?

Today’s leaders in business, politics and technology might have less power than you think. In this exclusive interview, Moisés Naím, author of the best-selling book The End of Power, explains why being at the top just isn’t what it used to be.

Predicting traffic jams to mobile cloud robotics

Ericsson’s Mats Guldbrand talks about latest innovations showcased at Research Open Day such as the mobile cloud robotics. Read more in this Networked Society blog post.

Ensuring intelligent transport systems speak the same language

Transport systems only become truly intelligent once they are able to communicate with each other in real time. Through the CONVERGE project, Ericsson and its partners are enabling cooperative intelligent transport systems.

Ericsson awarded Pay TV Innovation at IBC 2015

Ericsson MediaFirst, a next-generation cloud-based Pay TV platform that transforms TV and video entertainment, was selected as the Best IPTV Technology and Services at the recent CSI Awards show.