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Licensed Assisted Access: Practical Coexistence Solutions

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Channel scanning and selection to operate a wireless network in frequencies with low received interference is always the first and most effective step for spectrum sharing and interference mitigation. Smart channel selection is thus sufficient in most scenarios (e.g., isolated and sparse deployments). In this second blog post on LAA, we discuss co-channel operation measures when different systems need to operate on the same frequencies. Continue reading

5G: Recap 2014 and Outlook 2015

Driving 5G

From a 5G perspective, last year was indeed a fantastic year. Not only for the innovative research achievements we made at Ericsson Research, but also for the momentum we have seen in the 5G discussions and the growing curiosity taking place all over the world. And we already have a 5G test mobile delivering gigabits per second over the air. Weighing in at 200 kg, it’s the smallest next-generation mobile we ever built! Continue reading

Multi-antennas for improved LTE performance


The previously often neglected third dimension – elevation – is in focus for the latest research on multi-antennas. We’ve put together an overview of key multi-antenna components and techniques for you, and we’ll explain how they can be used to maximize performance of LTE networks when taking advantage of vertical as well as horizontal spatial dimensions. Continue reading