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Not yet another 5G event

Johannesberg Summit

What do you get if you gather operators, network and chipset vendors, regulators, a media company, academia and leading researchers for vibrant presentations and engaging discussions? My best answer is the Johannesberg Summit! For the third consecutive year we’ll assemble for a two-day meeting in the beautiful countryside just outside Stockholm, Sweden, to share and debate insights and visions. Thanks to live streaming – you can take part too! Continue reading

Massive beamforming in 5G radio access

Antenna beamforming hero

How can you get all users in high rise buildings >200 Mbps throughput wherever they are, and reduce network energy consumption at the same time? Through advanced antennas, flexible, user-specific beamforming and a new mobility algorithm.

The key is to use spectrum at high carrier frequencies, and to deploy advanced antennas to combat the challenging propagation conditions at these frequencies. We’d like to share with you the facts of our solution, which we demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress recently.
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