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A tool for citizen participation

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In partnership with UN-Habitat, Ericsson has carried out a social impact assessment of the use of Minecraft as a community participation tool in public space design in Kirtipur, Nepal.
The aim of the study was twofold: First, it explored the potential of Minecraft to foster greater citizen participation in urban design and decision making. Second, it examined social impacts associated with the use of Minecraft, both at and individual and community level.
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LAA specification work starting in 3GPP

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A global standard for Licensed Assisted Access is agreed to be included in Release-13, the next release of the LTE specifications by standardization organization 3GPP. Fair co-existence with other technologies operating in unlicensed spectrum is a fundamental design principle for LAA. Extensive investigations of how LAA can co-existence with itself and Wi-Fi systems have been done over the last 9 months within 3GPP. This together with a continued large industry interest formed the basis for the decision to start a work item. This blog post will give you some important details about the study and its results.
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Release 14 – the start of 5G standardization

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Release 14 will mark the start of 5G work in 3GPP. In addition to the continued LTE evolution, a new radio access technology will be standardized, and these two technologies together will form 5G radio access. In this blog post, I will shed some light on a number of the key areas – low latency communication, spectrum flexibility, machine type communication, multi-antenna and multi-site transmission techniques, and ultra-lean design – and how they can be part of the upcoming 5G work in 3GPP.
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Network on the move

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High speed trains is one essential transportation mode in modern society. As everywhere else, people expect good communication services also on board high speed trains. This is however not a trivial task, and current solutions tend to fail for various reasons. Now we have developed and validated a novel, two-hop solution for high speed trains, together with a research partner in Taiwan.
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Ericsson partners with SkyDeck Berkeley

SkyDeck Berkeley's Demo Day 2015

Driving conversations with a broad range of stakeholders is a way for us in Ericsson Research to uncover new insights about our future connected world. As part of our innovation program and the Ericsson Garage initiative, we are extending our engagement with universities, and one important step is our sponsorship agreement with the SkyDeck accelerator program at UC Berkeley.
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New opportunities for high network-energy performance with 5G


Right now the mobile industry is very busy planning for 5G, the next step in the evolution of mobile communication that should provide state-of-the-art connectivity beyond 2020. 5G will be a key component of the Networked Society, and it will help us realize our vision of essentially unlimited access to information and sharing of data anywhere and anytime for anyone and anything. Continue reading