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“In the wireless industry, we have together built the world’s most successful and widespread technology platform with 7 billion subscribers, spread all over the globe. Now it is time to mobilize and digitalize the rest of the industries.” That was one of the concluding remarks Erik Ekudden made at the Johannesberg Summit in his opening keynote presentation. Continue reading

Software security

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The increasing use of software in all aspects of our lives, e.g. banking, commerce, vehicles, health care and so on, makes software security an extremely important issue not only for IT systems but for the overall security of our lives. Continue reading

Transport, Radio and Cloud Orchestration with SDN

SDN blog

SDN was the main keyword when it came to optical networks and their control at the OFC 2015. Orchestrating resources across multiple layers and domains—as an important next step in introducing SDN to the networks—is specifically worth highlighting. In other words, multi-layer/multi-domain orchestration seems to have emerged as a major added value of SDN to the networks.

At the conference, we presented details behind our SDN-based multi-domain orchestration demonstrator as a Post-deadline paper. Continue reading

The METIS 5G System Concept

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Our 30 month project is wrapping up, and a lot has been achieved! One of the most important outcomes is the METIS 5G System Concept, which has been developed to meet the requirements of the beyond-2020 connected information society. Based on detailed evaluations, we can conclude that the technical objectives of our project have indeed been met. Continue reading

Massively distributed analytics


The Internet of Things and the Networked Society, with billions of devices connected and generating data, implies massive numbers of data sources and analytics receivers distributed across the globe. This is translated into a scenario where data will literally come from everywhere. At the device level, this may not seem to be a problem. However, if we step out and analyze the impact of the “massively” distributed scenario, we find that the existing analytics architectures and algorithms need to evolve to fulfil its requirements. Continue reading

5G Radio Access for Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications

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Industrial process automation and remote surgery are examples of use cases that will be possible in future 5G systems. We call them mission-critical machine type communication use cases and they require communication with very high reliability and availability, as well as very low end-to-end latency. We can show that it is feasible to design a 5G radio interface which is capable of providing this. Continue reading