Ericsson Telecom CRM

Ericsson supports the CRM needs of communications service providers with Ericsson Telecom CRM. It is a cost effective and deployment efficient enterprise class CRM product specifically designed to support communication service providers business processes. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is pre-integrated with Ericsson’s convergent charging and billing products: CBiO 3.0.1 and BSCS iX 4.0.

Ericsson Telecom CRM has been developed in response to demand from CSPs that are looking for integrated BSS/OSS and CRM solutions as a means of enhancing customer experience and driving efficiency in their customer facing operations.

In addition it satisfies an increasing demand for solutions built on pre-integrated modules from end-to-end portfolios with the objective of minimizing systems integration costs. .

Reduce Integration Costs

Ericsson Telecom CRM is pre-integrated with CBiO and BSCS iX. A wide range of pre-configured screens at the front-end combined with a SID-based business orientated API at the backend enables seamless integration of business information and execution of (telecom) business dependent processes (e.g. order capture) from within a common intuitive user environment.

Together with the pre-configuration of many of the common customer care processes, Ericsson Telecom CRM can reduce the cost of CRM-billing integrations by up to 40%. .

Greater Operational Efficiency Drives Customer Experience

Powered by the integration with CBiO and BSCS iX, Ericsson Telecom CRM incorporates a CSR Tool box that offers a true 360 view of the customer, with the ability to seamlessly navigate through all the required customer information, browse products and place orders. This all takes place within a familiar intuitive Microsoft based user environment.

The high level of usability, availability of information and easy-to-use tools helps customer care staff answer queries faster and achieve a higher first call resolution rate. For sales staff, it means they have the tools to work more efficiently and focus on their primary job of selling.

This efficiency in customer facing operations, in turn, drives a superior experience for the end-user when interacting with their CSP and enables them to differentiate a product which is often seen as a commodity.

Self-Sufficiency Drives Business Agility

Ericsson Telecom CRM provides a high degree of self-sufficiency enabling you to adapt with agility to business change. The highly flexible and configurable nature of the Microsoft Dynamics platform means that the CSP is able to respond to changing business requirements and quickly launch and support campaigns and new offers. CSPs can quickly and easily self-configure user screens and business process for customer facing staff, without on-going dependence on a systems integrator.