19 juin 2012 - 19 juin 2012
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Corporate pioneers, global leaders, goodwill ambassadors, human rights defenders, environmental experts, and Nobel laureats, join at Rio+Social to discuss some of the largest challenges facing our world, and how social media can play a role in discussing these. The challenges we're talking about are for instance energy, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, woman and girls, global health, technology, youth, and more.

Rio+Social is a global event aiming at taking the promise of social media to the worldwide conversation of sustainability. The United Nations Foundation, Mashable, Ericsson, EDP, 92Y, are partnering to make this happen, and we invite you to take part in Rio, or online. Get ready to join the join the dialog, learn more, share your point of view, and take action.

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To join the conversation:

#RioPlusSocial on Twitter for all discussions before-during-after the event.

#Tech4Good to follow our (Ericsson's) discussions on these topics every day.


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