It's Time to Play

In the Networked Society video is everywhere. But where is Television? Some say it’s stuck in the living room. We don't think so. To us TV is a premium experience worth paying for.

We are in the greatest period of change and evolution since analogue TV broadcasts started over seventy years ago. TV is a new game. It’s Time to Play.

Ericsson TV & Media
Thanks to all for joining us at the summits – we hope to see you all again next year!
“I think measurement is the biggest nightmare that the industry faces.” - Pres of R&MD at
Discussing piracy at panel: “If you don’t give ppl access to content, they’re going to find it.” Pres, R&MD
Amazing panel discussion going on now at on consumer demands! ,
"I think we’re at a fascinating time, how do we deliver content to all the new devices in the market?" Massive_Voice Pres at
"In the future? I think smartphones are going to leave tablets in the dust." EVP , on panel at .
Did you know: 24% of consumers have never paid for a managed TV service? seminar at
session stat: Place shifting is popular: 36% at least daily or weekly.
"In 2020, >50% of the viewing time will be spent on mobile devices." expert at
: represents 1.1Billion, >40 countries, 100K respondents, 15 megacities. Keynote starting now at summit.
RT : ’s TV-related acquisitions are coalescing to transform the company’s video portfolio
Thank you for hosting a fantastic session on new entrants and investment strategies at !
"At HD quality people watch 20% longer" - founder of at summit panel.
Pres at :"We’re seeing an acceleration on digital advertising sales, but a long way to go."
"Our ability to stream at high bit-rates across large audience bases was a relatively big engineering task." CCO at
"You can do a lot from a time-shifted standpoint as of right now." interviewing CCO at
Q at : 'Do you think that live TV matters to consumers anymore outside of sports?' What do YOU think?
"We think there’s a huge opportunity in creating a platform for live TV on all devices." CCO at
Coming up: interviews the CCO of on new entrants and approaches at - stay tuned!
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