Ericsson Channel Partners

Ericsson Channel Partners

By working closely with partners, we at Ericsson believe we can jointly achieve more. By combining key strengths in a partnership, we form a joint platform to succeed in today’s challenging market and to address new market opportunities. Together we are powered.

Powered together

We predict that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. And as we head toward the Networked Society, the opportunities are endless. Imagine a world where anything that can benefit from a connection will have one – a world where machine-to-machine connectivity creates new revenue streams and where your business can capitalize on the possibilities. Having the right partner will help you get there.

The Ericsson Channel Partner Program is designed to support and strengthen our partner’s business. Ericsson aims for successful channel partners and support throughout the process of sales, implementation and service of Ericsson products and services. By working close with partners the reach of Ericsson products and solutions is further increased and global partner list is found at sub site "Find your partner". As our channel partner program is a limited enrollment program, a high level of expertise is secured as well as the partners ability to solve end customers’ problems by selling, building and customizing a chosen solution.

Ericsson offers channel partner programs in various forms and for several product and solution areas. They are all aimed at growing profitable business for us and our partners and creating strong and successful relationships. This website and its related subpages provide further information on available products and solutions, their respective Ericsson Channel Partner Program value and setup.

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Join the Channel Partner program now!

Join the Channel Partner program now!

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"For several years, KEYMILE has worked closely with Ericsson. As a Channel Partner, we have included and integrated Ericsson products as part of a complete solution that we offer our customers. We have had particular success incorporating Ericsson’s MINI-LINK microwave and optical products into our offering. The ability to offer these products has sometimes made the difference between winning and losing a contract. It’s also helped us to gain market share in Switzerland. And in terms of support in the sales process, Ericsson has been a positive and responsive partner."

Christian Haas

Director, Global Partner Sales

KEYMILE LTD (Switzerland)

Channel Partner Success story

Channel Partner Success story - Australia

CommTel Network Solutions in Australia is a successful channel partner who specializes in the provision of industrial and carrier-grade communications systems and related technical services.

Channel Partner Success story - Australia