Per Borgklint

Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Support Solutions

Per Borgklint came to Ericsson in mid-2011 to head up Business Unit Support Solutions (formerly Business Unit Multimedia). Most recently, he served as CEO of Net 1, during which time the operator launched a CDMA network in Scandinavia.

Having begun his career by working for the family business based in Jönköping, Sweden, Borgklint has an entrepreneurial focus and broad experience, starting from the idea phase and growing to work with multi-million-dollar businesses. During his career, Borgklint has headed up retail-based operations for fixed and mobile networks at both Tele2 and Dutch operator Versatel, where his focus was on building the IPTV business. While CEO at Canal Plus Nordic, he reshaped the pay-TV channel into a multi-broadcasting house including web and on-demand services that contributed to 25 percent subscriber growth.

Borgklint holds MSc in Finance and Marketing from Jönköping International Business School

Photos: Management

Photos: Management