Diversity and Inclusion

At Ericsson, the power of you defines the power of us. We are more than 100,000 people with diverse experiences, perspectives and ideas. It is our diversity that brings us closer together and helps us make a difference.

Together, we inspire innovation, communication and connectivity around the world. Your personal strengths are our strengths – and it is Ericsson's mission to ensure that diversity and inclusion are some of the most important building blocks of our company.

Diversity and the opportunity it brings is one of the things that make Ericsson a great place to work.

Camilla, Region South East Asia & Oceania: "Diversity and the opportunity it brings is one of the things that make Ericsson a great place to work."

Our Approach

At Ericsson, we are committed to diversity and inclusion as we enable the Networked Society, where everything that benefits from a connection will have one.

About us

The diversity of Ericsson’s employees is one of our major strengths as a business. It is this collective mixture of individuals, cultures and organizational experiences that drives our innovation, makes us stand out from the competition and delivers high performance for our customers.

Ericsson celebrates diversity and inclusion

Bina Chaurasia, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, on why diversity is good for business

"We are making progress but more needs to happen in several areas and we are taking some very concrete measures. Gender diversity is one area. In fact, already last year, we have set a target for ourselves that by 2020, women would make up 30% of all employees and leaders."

Celebrating Diversity Awareness Month 2015

Ericsson celebrates Diversity Awareness Month in October – get a 2-minute glimpse of how we celebrated it in 2015.