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Ericsson Business Review, Issue 3, 2014

What’s new?

Patrik Regårdh

Answer: everything. Whatever your business, the ICT revolution is creating remarkable opportunities, unexpected competitors and radically different value chains – and innovation is the key to staying ahead.

In the latest issue of Ericsson Business Review, we examine innovation from a series of unique – and uncompromising – perspectives. Our lead article offers exclusive insights from one of the world’s biggest operators on developing new business models, breaking into unexpected industries and the future of the enterprise network. The message is clear – success in today’s connected marketplace requires a long-term commitment to radical innovation.

In his text, renowned strategist Mike Arauz identifies the success factors behind today’s most innovative digital companies. He explains how these businesses are rapidly tearing up the rule book – and says that the bigger and more established your company, the more you have to learn.

Jaco Fourie argues that today’s business systems have become so complicated that they can no longer properly support the innovation that companies urgently need. In a passionate call to action, he says complexity has gone far enough, and that it’s time for business systems to be simplified, configurable and automated.

Of course, innovative ecosystems can only flourish with the right policy support, and we are delighted to offer exclusive viewpoints from two high-profile actors in this vital area. Nagy Hanna, Senior Fellow of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, presents a strategic framework to guide policy makers in shaping digital transformation in their economies. Australian MP Paul Fletcher, meanwhile, gives an insider’s view on this remarkable transformation and offers three clear principles for making it a success.

Steve Jobs once said innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower. In today’s fast-moving digital world, this statement has never been more relevant. Ericsson Business Review is here to help you make sense of what’s new.

Patrik Regårdh

Head of Strategic Marketing

"Bring it on": Verizon eyes the networked enterprise

Bring it on

Innovation, relationships with OTT players and the next phase of the enterprise network are just a few of the most pressing issues facing operators as the digital revolution gains pace. With a global network that could circle the Earth more than 30 times, Verizon brings a unique perspective to these questions. Ericsson Business Review talks to the man with an inside track on Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ strategy for the connected future.

Three ways to save your business in a digital age

Three ways to save your business in a digital age

The digital revolution is causing an unprecedented wave of innovation and disruption to wash over the business landscape. And the bigger your company, the more you have to learn. Digital businesses do things in a different way – and soon, it’ll be the only way. It’s time to think – and act – like a start-up.

Cut through complexity: restoring innovation to your business systems

Cut through complexity: restoring innovation to your business systems

Can you rely on your business systems? Don’t be so sure. The complexity of today’s systems could be threatening your capacity to innovate – and that’s something no organization can afford in a rapidly moving digital marketplace. It’s time to think configurability, simplification and automation.

Mastering digital transformation: a policy maker’s guide

Mastering digital transformation: a policy maker’s guide

The ICT revolution has the potential to catalyze a country’s innovation, growth and development – and governments can make or break this transformation. Policy makers need a strategic framework to guide their thinking in this fast-moving area, as well as clear recommendations drawn from ongoing digital transformation experiences.

The next revolution: how governments should respond

The next revolution: how governments should respond

The scale of today’s digital transformation is comparable to the Industrial Revolution – and maximizing the potential of disruptive ICT technologies isn’t just a priority for businesses, but for governments and societies too. In an exclusive opinion piece, Australian MP Paul Fletcher gives an insider’s view on the digital revolution and offers policy makers three clear principles for transformation success.

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