Ericsson Business Review

Ericsson Business Review, Issue 4, 2014

It’s time for the tough questions

Patrik Regårdh

ICT doesn’t just provide answers – it also poses some of the most complex and difficult questions around. These questions are what Ericsson Business Review is all about.

In this issue, we face up to the biggest question of all for today’s operators – how to compete successfully with ICT players. And who better to ask than Allen Lew, who as CEO of SingTel’s world-renowned Group Digital L!fe, took an unexpectedly radical approach to digital transformation? Our exclusive interview offers unique insights into a strategic philosophy with dramatic implications for operators everywhere.

As one of the most hyped technologies in the business, cloud is also ripe for critical examination. In a brilliantly provocative article, cloud pioneer Jason Hoffman boldly questions many of the ICT industry’s most cherished assumptions about cloud, and suggests that we might just be fooling ourselves.

Sumedha Swamy looks at the cloud question from another perspective – why should enterprises seriously consider the operator cloud, and what do operators need to do to convince them? He argues that operators have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step up and provide not just enterprise connectivity, but the best clouds in the game.

Chris Yeadon and Linda Austin, meanwhile, tell it straight – operators should be making more money. In a passionate call to action, they explain that pricing innovation represents a highly effective strategic lever, and outline the potential rewards awaiting the operator brave enough to become the Amazon of telecom.

Finally, Stephen J. Ezell asks a question that should make entire industries and governments distinctly uncomfortable – does our whole approach to innovation need rethinking? Ezell explains that innovation is no longer a zero-sum game, and that we urgently need fresh perspectives that prioritize mutual global prosperity over narrow, often self-destructive national policies.

Finding time for questions can be difficult in an ICT industry that moves faster every minute. But the questions are there – and as ICT becomes increasingly vital for people, business and society, they’re getting tougher all the time. Our industry urgently needs trusted voices prepared to ask, and even answer, these critical questions – and that’s where Ericsson Business Review comes in.

Patrik Regårdh

Head of Strategic Marketing

Magic man: how Allen Lew surprised an industry

Allen Lew

Operators aren’t supposed to be major multimedia players. And creating moments that touch consumers’ lives is meant to be a task best left to innovative digital businesses. Successfully challenging the ICT status quo is never easy – especially for an operator almost as old as the telephone itself. But for SingTel’s Allen Lew, it’s just one of the astonishing tricks up his sleeve.

Head in the clouds: is the ICT industry fooling itself?

Head in the clouds: is the ICT industry fooling itself?

Few ICT innovations have received as much hype as cloud – but things are more complicated than you might think. Clouds should be operated, automated and governed to the same high standards as today’s mobile-telecoms networks – and there’s still a long way to go. It’s time to start asking tough questions about cloud.

Beyond connectivity: moving enterprise ICT to the operator cloud

Beyond connectivity: moving enterprise ICT to the operator cloud

Operators – you could be offering your enterprise customers much more. With most cloud services still falling short of what today’s businesses really need, operators have a unique opportunity to step up and provide not just enterprise connectivity, but the best clouds in the game.

Operators – you should be making more money

Operators – you should be making more money

Who will become the Amazon of telecom? Numerous industries have already discovered that pricing can be an effective strategic lever – now it’s time for operators to do the same, and to finally realize financial returns that match the true value of their networks.

Mutually assured prosperity: why innovation policy must go global

Mutually assured prosperity: why innovation policy must go global

Innovation – fueled by ICT – has rapidly become the leading driver of global productivity and economic growth. But for policy makers, the toughest challenge still lies ahead. It’s no longer enough to maximize innovation – with global prosperity at stake, governments need to compete for innovation leadership in a way that generates positive-sum results for everybody.

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