The mobile phone has been a connecting technology of immense impact on human life. When the mobile device is used for financial transactions - buying, selling, or transferring, then you have m-commerce. And while many people lack access to banking, especially in the less prosperous markets, they do have mobile phones and are using them to improve their lives.

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  • M-commerce is set for major growth and is expected to process over $800 billion globally by 2016
  • Up to 2.5 billion adults are financially excluded (Source: UNDP)
  • There are 6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world (Source: Ericsson Traffic and Market report)

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ConsumerLab studies on M-Commerce:

M-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa

M-Commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa

The mobile phone brought a new dimension to the economic life of Sub-Saharan Africa. A new ConsumerLab report examines how this dynamic region is embracing a new generation of m-commerce services.

Latin American consumers ripe for M-commerce

Latin American consumers ripe for M-commerce

New Ericsson consumer research shows that the majority of people in Latin America who are not using m-commerce services today would be interested in using such services in the future. Convenience and security are important drivers for m-commerce in the region.


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