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The Networked Society City Index ranks cities and measures their ICT maturity in terms of leverage from ICT investments on economic, social and environmental development; the "triple bottom line" effect.

The fifth edition ranks 40 cities where Stockholm, London and Paris are ranked top three. By comparing to last year’s results, we can see that cities with a low ICT maturity tend to be improving their ICT maturity faster than high performing cities, indicating a catch-up effect.

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Ericsson releases 2014 Networked Society City Index, ranking cities by ICT maturity

New City Index report launched - ranks cities by ICT maturity


City Index 2014

- Methodology

- City Profiles

- Infograph

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City Index 2013

- Methodology

- City Profiles

- Cases studies

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Networked Society City Index 2014

Networked Society City Index from Ericsson

How is ICT contributing to the evolution of your city? Patrik Regårdh, Head of Strategic Marketing

How can ICT help cities solve problems?


Ranking, key city results

Ranking, key city results

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City Index 2014 Infograph

City Index 2013 Infograph