Operations and Business Support Systems

OSS/BSS infograph

What is OSS and BSS?

Operating Support Systems (OSS) assemble services and assure network performance. They help operators plan, build and optimize their network.

When you want to make a call, send or receive a file, watch a video, chat, or use an app, the OSS makes sure the network can handle your request, no matter where you are.

Business Support Systems (BSS) enable operators to manage accounts and payments, customer support, and service modification.

When you buy a new service for your devices, top up your pre-paid account, pay your bills, buy and activate a new device, check your data consumption, or raise a question to customer care you are using the BSS.

What is OSS/BSS?

What is service enablement?

OSS/BSS – Diversity makes the difference

Growth in data traffic and subscriber numbers in recent years has placed extreme pressure on operators’ Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems. Some have had to scale up to thousands of times their original capacity to cope.

But size is no longer enough. The billions of new subscribers around the world now want to be in control, to get the services they pay for – they want to feel special. Support systems need to provide agility so that operators can meet their customers’ expectations, and stay one step ahead. The primary challenge for OSS/BSS is no longer just scale, it’s diversity. Instead of user numbers, it’s about user needs.

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The agile operator

Meet the agile operator

What does agility mean to the telecom operator?

Connected lifestyles’ expectations identified

Ericsson ConsumerLab report, Jan 2014: Connected Lifestyles – an analysis of evolving consumer needs

Service Enablement press backgrounder

OSS/BSS press backgrounder

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Awards and Accolades

January 2015 – Ericsson wins big at 2015 Compass Intelligence Awards

December 2014 – Ericsson recognized with multiple North America LTE awards

December 2014 – Ericsson maintains a leadership position in Gartner's Operations Support Systems Magic Quadrant

November 2014 – Analysys Mason names Ericsson top telecoms software leader

August 2014 – Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud wins 2014 Mobile Innovation Award

June 2014 – Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud wins at 2014 Telematics Update Awards

June 2014 – Ericsson OSS/BSS leadership shines with triple win at Pipeline 2014 Innovation Awards

June 2014 – Ericsson Service Innovation Framework wins 2014 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award

June 2014 – Ericsson ranked first in Communications Service Provider Operational Technology Market Share

June 2014 – Ericsson OSS/BSS leadership shines with triple win at Pipeline 2014 Innovation Awards

June 2014 – Ericsson Service Innovation Framework wins 2014 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year Award

May 2014 – Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care wins Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award