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Politics trumps love – Feeling the “bern” this Valentine’s Day

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There’s really not many things as surreal as being an American abroad during election season. You are surrounded constantly by people who are more or less amused by the political theater in your homeland, all the while aware that the theater actually does affect you in a real, tangible way. And there has surely not been a more surreal election season than this one. Continue reading

Is society ready to be networked for emergencies?

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Big rocking movements woke me up. Although it felt like being on an ocean-liner in a storm, I was in fact on a futon on the tatami floor in my house, and the alarm clock showed ten minutes to six. I was experiencing yet another earthquake, although it was strangely slow moving this time.

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Kilo, Mega, Giga? What do gigabit speeds mean for me?

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We are entering an era of exponential innovation, an era of 5G and gigabit speeds, and an era where 90 percent of the world’s population will have 3G coverage and speed or faster. But what do all these numbers really mean? Who would ever need gigabit speeds, and why are they important?

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I am the smart commuter – 10 Hot Consumer Trends

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Editor’s note: Today we are pleased to feature a guest post from Rebecka Cedering-Ångström, Senior Advisor at Ericsson’s ConsumerLab.

“Uhm, this is the train conductor. We will leave in a few minutes. There is just a queue of trains we need to wait for. However, due to the faulty signals we will only go as far as Solna.”

My thoughts? “Argh. Here we go again. Can’t believe it! I need to get of this train.” Continue reading

The consumer is dead. Long live the user!

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The essence of industrialization was to automate the production of things, which in turn brought about the industrialization of people, changing work and workplaces. People went from producing their own food at the countryside to producing stuff in the factories, for the stores in the cities. And so the modern consumer was born. But times are changing again! Continue reading

Welcome to the “billion-user” club

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If you’re in possession of a connected device somewhere on this planet, it’s increasingly likely that you are a user of Apple’s iOS, Google’s Gmail, or Facebook’s WhatsApp; over the past week each of the three services announced the milestone of reaching 1 billion users. TIME notes that these user bases are matched by other services such as Facebook’s primary app, several Google offerings, Microsoft’s Windows operating system and others.

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Quaint or connected?


No cars. No 7-Eleven.

It was easy to see how Koh Klang was different from many parts of Thailand (a country which has 8,334 7-Elevens, for your information), not to mention the Western world. A whole week there, on an island removed from city bustle and from tourists crowding Thai beaches for the holidays? Was that too much “unconnectedness”? Continue reading

Cash Compensation Creation Challenge Candy Crush

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Welcome to part two of my series following the journey of an apptrepreneur. In the first post, we examined the foundation for launching an app. Today let’s look at platforms and business models. Before you start creating an app, the idea of what type of an app it will be is likely already shaped in your head. Our apptrepreneur’s idea is a gaming app. His idea is to combine a number of small games together into a single integrated game with prizes to win. But what is it like to compete in the mobile gaming industry? Continue reading

Today my home dumbed down

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I don’t live in a smart home; I live in a very dumb one. Although it has 100-megabit internet connectivity both up and down at flat rate, most of the time that fabulous capacity is just idly sitting there. We play movies and games of course, but the home itself does nothing with the connectivity, because it is dumb.

And it just got dumb beyond help. Continue reading

An awesome apptrepreneur adventure


Have you ever been teased by the idea of giving birth to a mobile app? If your answer is yes, you can look forward to a series of four posts taking you through the journey from initial idea to launch in an app store. Starting here, we will follow a real “apptrepreneur” on his journey towards the app store. Continue reading