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Lead the change or admire others doing it?

The car industry is changing faster than ever before

The same second the presentation ended, I reserved a Tesla Model 3. I know that it will be a long wait before I will have my car parked in the garage, but I have been thinking about an electric car for several years now. It was not until Tesla opened their Supercharger in Gävle (half way to our summer house) that I understood for real that I could go 100 percent electric. Continue reading

Not everything is a hack!

Not every system outage is a hack

On May 19, there was chaos in the airspace over Stockholm caused by some sort of data communications error. During two hours no planes could take off and not all could land. Some planes had to be directed to other airports, such as Malmo. Continue reading

5G & soccer: A perfect match?

5G and sport. Another great goal.

I grew up in a part of New York that was soccer-crazy. It was right around the time that the US women’s team won the World Cup and most of the other girls in my class had Mia Hamm as a personal hero. Soccer has famously had a hard time breaking into the US, but when it came to us, we were sold. Continue reading

Your brain on the edge of a VR cliff

Like standing on a cliff’s edge – The expanded reality of VR

We live in a 3D world and our brains are wired to interact with a 3D environment. However, a lot of our daily lives come with a 2D filter; the screen on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or TV. Continue reading

Death to the dead zone

Wi-Fi on wheels, bringing life to the dead zones

I didn’t know it at the time, but I grew up in a dead zone.

During my childhood years, Wi-Fi (let alone household Wi-Fi) was not a major technology; these were even the days before every pre-teen had a mobile phone. So it was not until I went back to visit my parents with my young family in tow that the problem presented itself.

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Continued camera creativity – What is the next wave of digital photography gadgets?


During the past five years we have seen a steady growth of innovations on the digital camera front. The pace of innovation has far from slowed and here is a summary of which gadgets you might consider next.

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Am I valuable? Facebook says… kind of

What's my value to social media?

The tides are changing for companies like Facebook and Twitter, about a decade old and hearing criticisms from all sides. Cries abound that we’re posting less and less personal content online, that there is no future in microblogging, and that even some of the major players face a rocky future. Continue reading

My son sees no real future

Looking into the virtual future

Although only twelve, my son is already a veteran gamer. We pre-ordered the Wii when it was first announced and would sit for hours on end playing together when he was three. It seemed like the future – but in a sense, my son has only moved backwards since then. Today, he wants a PC, a keyboard, and a mouse for gaming. No console, no game controller, no smartphone, or tablet.

But when we started playing around with our newly arrived HTC Vive this weekend, something unforeseen happened.

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Creative communications change cat conversations 


It is not only humans that are affected by changing communication behaviors in the Networked Society. Now our pets also have the option to be reached when their owners are at work or traveling. Continue reading

Mobile journalists – 360 degree views and the virtual future of news

Smartphones make it possible for everyone to be a netizen journalist, but how do we verify what's true?

You know the feeling when you have done something completely new? One of those experiences where you mind is bombarded with new information and impressions, and it leaves your head spinning with questions but you feel invigorated and bursting with new ideas? I have that feeling now, tired as I am, just returning from a trip to Ireland.

For a one and a half days, I had the benefit of visiting the reality of another profession, that of the mobile journalist. It’s a profession that has evolved with the usage of new technology – the mobile aspect comes in the form of both being able to use mobile devices but also having the possibility to stay mobile and travel easily. Continue reading