Monthly archives: April 2011

Digital presence: what’s your sign?

We live in a visual world. In fact the world has never before produced as many images, moving pictures and commercials as our eyes meet every day.

Personalization 2.0

Gone are the days when the TV schedule was an important part of our lives.
Today there is an overflow of content, ranging from traditional media to all the content created and published by users around the world.

Is everything becoming social?

Not long ago, a web page was just a digital version of a brochure or a piece of paper that simply replicated the physical form – there was no real ‘added value’ in the digital version.
But today, things are different.
Newspapers on the web today are updated almost in real-time and in close cooperation with their [...]

On TV and media frontier at MIPTV

Greetings all from sunny Cannes, France where the MIPTV Connected Creativity event is underway.