Monthly archives: June 2011

10 Things that disappeared since my first backpacking trip

When traveling the world in the late eighties life was quite different compared to traveling today in the Networked Society.

Life in the new megacity

Thomas Hobbes once described the life of man, solidary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

1 thing

Today, June 20,  is World Refugee Day. The UN High Commission for Refugees is encouraging everyone to do one thing to support the refugee cause.

1991 – the year that changed the world

1991’s breakthroughs still changing the world
Lots of important things happened in 1991. For one thing, that was the year the map of Europe was more or less redrawn, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. But that is not what I want to discuss here.

App, app and away…

Being “networked” on the move is no longer an option, but a reality.
That is one reason we developed and delivered our Networked Society app just last week.

A post-PC planet?

Is the PC dead? The evidence is mounting.