1. Working life as we know it is changing dramatically

Working life as we know it is changing dramatically

How will work be organized in the Networked Society? Fundamental changes are taking place. Cultural changes and rapid technological development are changing the rules and opening up for new ways of structuring business and changes in the workplace. Ideas and innovation are fueling this move forward. It is becoming more important, if not essential to stay in a constant state of evolution while creating a climate where new ideas can surface and grow. So how will you survive in this new game?

We have identified eight themes that are affecting the future of work and that are likely to have fundamental implications for working life, from both an employer and an employee perspective:
Working life

Dive deeper into these themes in the latest Networked Society report and watch for more blog posts and podcasts that will explore the future of working life.

Read more the new report, ‘Next generation working life – from workspace to exchange space’

Written by Mikael Eriksson Björling

Mikael is an Ericsson Networked Society Evangelist. He is also an Expert on consumer behavior at Ericsson ConsumerLab with a focus on explorative and strategic consumer research. Mikael works to translate findings into key insights by combining consumer understanding with technology and business understanding. Follow Mikael on Twitter @mikaeleb

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