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Real-time agriculture: The connected farming revolution

*+-Farming, on the whole, remains a highly imprecise science. Despite widely varying local soil conditions, fluctuating water systems and an unstable climate, our approaches are often uniformly applied, resource-intensive and staggeringly wasteful. Not surprisingly, a number of IoT systems are quickly converging upon new ways to customize performance and eliminate inefficiencies.

Ericsson Industry Watch

After the unbundling – what’s next for higher education?

*+-A great educational unbundling is under way, in which lectures, lessons, content and interactions are being broken down to their essentials and delivered increasingly over mobile networks. But what are these essentials, and which of them can be best assisted by mobile technologies?

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Online by design: How Tesla sets a new pace for automotive innovation

*+-The bigger question is, what makes Tesla so innovative, breaking record after record in everything from vehicle charging speed to consumer ratings and safety? And what lessons can be drawn for the future of a changing auto industry?

Come along for the ride – the transformation of last mile logistics

*+-But while current global supply chains are clearly unsustainable in the face of widespread 3D printing, the disruption of last mile delivery may not be complete. Interestingly, both the British and US postal services have done some hard – and different – thinking on these lines. They see a hybrid future, with digital distribution and 3D printing sharing space with a still relevant “last mile,” which happens to play to the postal service’s strength.

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Behind the meter: The new battleground for utility innovation

*+-Energy utilities may be among the most complex, heavily regulated and centralized of all industrial structures. Stepping from behind this curtain to face the end users of tomorrow’s digitally connected, distributed energy systems will demand an entirely new mindset.

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The quiet rise of a ridesharing infrastructure

*+-BlaBlaCar may be little-known outside Europe. But its fast-growing network of peer-to-peer users is poised to spread the word around the world.

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Could 3D printing be the collapse of supply chains?

*+-3D printing has long been the darling of “makers” and “disruptors” in small-scale custom manufacturing. But in the world of logistics and inventory, it could change everything.

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Connected, cooperative transport systems

*+-New forms of information and service exchange – between people and vehicles, between systems of private and public transport, and among manufacturing, logistics and on-demand delivery networks – are emerging as “soft” infrastructure for tomorrow’s mobility and transport systems, marking the beginning of a new industrial landscape fueled by digital and physical interaction.

Ericsson Industry Watch

Going the extra mile

*+-In the race to solve last mile delivery, will car-sharing apps fulfill all our on-demand needs?

Ericsson Industry Watch

Knocking on Open Doors

*+-In more and more sectors of the global economy, market barriers are coming down. Aggressive, transgressive forces are crossing boundaries and borders to redefine business assets and practices, reshape competitive landscapes and create radically new markets almost overnight. Digital disruption and industry transformation are everywhere.