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Tips for digital detox

Are you among the users dependent on four or five networked devices on a daily basis? These devices provide endless opportunities and can also create addictive behaviors. Nevertheless, some of us might benefit from a bit of digital detox.

Will the Networked Society require a new type of leadership?

Thousands of books have been written about leadership and leaders, and many theories have been developed in the fields of management and psychology. In this post, I will discuss the type of leadership that will be needed in the Networked Society.

STEM talent soon a scarce resource

In a world where all business sectors will migrate into the Networked Society, certain competencies will become a precious resource. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent will be the crude oil on which the future Networked Society will run. Demand will surpass supply for the foreseeable future, and the STEM shortage will not only [...]

Mobile broadband + emerging markets = disruptive innovation

The widespread availability of mobile networks and the steady growth of mobile broadband in emerging markets is opening unexpected doors for convenient and affordable societal innovations.
Mobile broadband technology lets people transport data securely, faster and while traveling. Today I want to discuss the transformative and disruptive nature of mobile financial services, and how they [...]

Coworking 2.0

A few teammates sharing a room, the objective and ongoing tasks written on a whiteboard, sporadic discussions on ideas and solutions to a problem, a few searches on the computer when there isn’t enough competence in the room. Problem solved, task completed, objective achieved – an image of traditional coworking.
Now, let’s imagine a different [...]

Technology and good karma unite a nation

On May 5, 2013 (known locally as “505”), Malaysians went to the polls to elect their government for the 13th time. Being a nation of colorful cultures and diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, this election was bound to be an impressive show. Being a nation that is also rapidly embracing innovation, it was also [...]

For young kids, tablets may not be enough

Today’s young children see their parents on their smartphone everywhere and wonder why they don’t have connectivity anywhere they want. An emerging trend is that the youngest members of the family are now in many cases the first to demand integrated 3G and 4G connectivity.

Disruptive conversation during All Things D

Dodi and I jotted down a stream-of-consciousness conversation during the final session of All Things D in California this week. Fasten your driverless-car seatbelt, put on your Google glasses, and here we go:
Ulrika Bergström 17:48
Dodi, you expected disruption at D11 in your pre-event blog: Did you find it? Personally, I conclude that ‘mobile’ is [...]

Connections make city life simpler

In this column, Monika has written a few great blog posts on city development and challenges for cities as they grow rapidly, and one of my posts discussed city dwellers based on an Ericsson ConsumerLab study not too long ago. So I decided to give a snapshot of today’s city life from my point of [...]

Shopping just the start in tomorrow’s in-line world

This week, I was guest speaker at a big shopper marketing event arranged by in Copenhagen. The people there were high-ranking marketing people from more than 50 Danish companies from all types of industries: toys, postal services, beauty products, banking, travel… well, you name it.