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How fast is our world becoming obsolete?

-+*Nowadays change doesn’t occur over a lifetime or even over years but rather months. Today if you complete a computer science degree, what you learned in your first year of study is obsolete by year 3. And this is not only a problem for individuals but for business too.

Smart devices are making city life healthier

-+*The wellbeing of ‘cityzens’ is dependent on individuals taking a greater responsibility for being active. Running in the parks or workout sessions at the gym are common in urban areas but what will we demand in the form of measurement when these activities moves beyond fitness freaks and become mainstream in the city?

Central sites or local hubs – reflections on future city offices


Share, share – that’s fair (and more productive too!)


Looking for the perfect parking spot?


Working life as we know it is changing dramatically


In Australia, IPTV is time- and place-shifting learning

-+*IPTV is no longer just about watching movies whenever you want; it is also dramatically changing the way the next generation of dentists in Australia learn and practice.

Here’s how Jakarta gets smart

-+*In order for Jakarta to become a truly smart city, it will rely on service providers’ ability to innovate and tap into each other’s industries while taking on multiple roles in the new ecosystem.

For ‘cityzens’, marketing starts before they see the shop


Collaboration and the cloud will improve companies’ competitiveness

-+*Business life in the city has developed around a strong service sector in a variety of enterprise segments. As the global market is reshaping the future of businesses in general, with advanced ecosystems and strong niche players, local city life will also change. So how does and will the cloud, collaboration and connectivity contribute toward creating competitive companies in cities?