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A, B, C and D – how to prioritize in an always-connected world

-+*There are two parts to feeling in control of your time. The first part is to recall and remember all the things that come up. The second is to have a good plan to deal with these.

The Stockholm telephone tower – when telecom was in a prototype phase

-+*Sometimes simple solutions are the best. This solution was the best for that time and shows when function is more important than design. This is, from my perspective, often true when you are in pretty much the prototype stage.

When the telephone lines darkened the sun in Stockholm

-+*Can you imagine if technology hadn’t evolved, and we still needed to have physical lines for all of our connections? There were only 5,500 telephones to connect to when this picture was taken. Imagine how tangled it would be nowadays, when we don’t have just our phone sets connected, but our mobile phones, our computers, our tablets, our everything!

Building a more open and inclusive way to pay in Peru

-+*Offering financial services over the mobile network isn’t new. In fact it’s quite trendy. What’s different about this case in Peru is that it’s about building one platform with more than 16 stakeholders, with each maintaining a close, secure, and private relationship with its own customers. It’s the beginning of a shared standard for mobile financial services, with interoperability.

We are not driving the Networked Society; it is driving us

-+*While we may have had the vision of the Networked Society, and we’ve been working hard to make that vision a reality, we haven’t been the only ones driving this epic change. The Networked Society is out there, happening in a million different places—from the nursery to an airport control tower, from the poorest villages in India to the most remote villages in Greenland.

Lessons from life logging – my first months with photographic memory

-+*One type of wearables – a life-log – equips you with a photographic memory – one separate from your smartphone and that works without pushing a button. We are still in the early stage of exploring how life-logging will be used for private and professional purposes. The picture volumes are substantial, and life logs could easily become a substantial driver of traffic from you towards the network/cloud.

I’m proud to be changing the world

-+*What a great opportunity to take responsibility for the future and watch it grow. So what do I say when people ask about my job? I say that I’m proud to be working in an industry that is connecting every square meter of our world. I say that I’m proud to be working in an industry that launched 3G and will lead the charge from 4G to the possibilities of 5G. I say that I’m proud to be working to make the Networked Society a reality.

Arisan and the rise of m-commerce in Indonesia

-+*Indonesians are familiar with the concept of getting financial services through non-financial institutions. The idea of m-commerce will not have high barriers for consumers to embrace. The practice of arisan also represents the “circle of trust” that is also apparent in how we Indonesians tend to surround ourselves with friends, neighbors and families.

Phoneblet and phablet powered people get super screen status

-+*Strong momentum for phablets and phoneblets suggests we are on the verge of a large-scale transition to a daily dual device dependency, where we carry two devices with us all the time.The smaller phoneblets represent an incremental increase from the phone where the fundamental mobile phone value is preserved. The larger phablets take the step out of the regular pockets and into your purse, suitcase or small bag. The increased screen size is of great value for all applications you use for an extended period of times.

Creating the Networked Society of 2030 in the here and now

-+*Around the world, there are still millions of people who aren’t touched by this connectivity and technology yet. Connecting these people will be a highlight at the upcoming Social Good Summit that in New York on September 21-22. The theme of the Social Good Summit is particularly meaningful – Connecting for Good, Connecting for All – with a focus on 2030.