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It’s work, but not as we know it

Every era has historically had a main area of work or value-creating activity. Most of us think about employment and occupations as something that emerged with industrial society. During the era of “hunting and gathering,” the family, group and community were engaged in all things required in order to survive and have a decent life. [...]

You are only as smart as the people around you

Creativity is no longer about one genius in a lab somewhere with a big, secret idea. Instead, creativity is about intelligence of the crowd and about sharing and interacting. And the best place to find these conditions is in a dense, diversified city.

Star power and fist pumps during Ericsson’s keynote to MWC

Ericsson President and CEO, Hans Vestberg and House DJ Avicii released the crowd-sourced track, ‘X-You’ during the Ericsson keynote speech to the Mobile World Congress.

Mobile World Congress, it’s like heading to summer camp

Today I’ve spent the whole day rehearsing and preparing for Mobile World Congress, where 67,000 professionals get together in Barcelona every year.

Exactly what kind of oil is personal information?

Just because we are not paying for a lot of things on the internet, does it really mean they’re for free? The new Personal Information Economy report from ConsumerLab explores how and to what extent information can complement money as the “oil” of the 21st century. But what kind of oil are we talking about [...]

Feeling empowered? It’s probably your phone.

Just how powerful is connectivity? Stay on this question for a second and think about your daily life: Mobile broadband is playing an increasingly important role for municipalities, governments and public institutions in managing their public responsibilities, for businesses in serving their clients, and in fact it enables creation of services that move citizens [...]

Citizens the drivers of city change

My colleague Patrik Regårdh, head of strategic marketing at Ericsson, concludes in a recent interview that information and communication technology (ICT) is a key contributor to city development and that we are only at the beginning of this positive development. I find it very intriguing to imagine where this might lead us.

The Network is the organization

I wrote earlier about how creative people use tools and resources found on the web to realize their ideas. We call them the Game Changers, and we found out that they organize their work using ten different networked organizational forms (see image).

Mobile working as a lifestyle

You’ve heard it before: More people spend more time working away from their desk, thanks to mobile communications. And so I find myself writing this blog in an almost empty café, since this happens to be the most quiet place around – our office landscape tends to get rather busy at times. It might appear [...]

Welcome to the Disruption Era!

Free messaging on Smartphone costs Telco’s more than 23 Billions USD in 2012 on missed SMS-revenues according to Ovum, in a report published in October 2012. In this report, Ovum predicts that losses could reach 54 BUSD per year by 2016. So what are the options and suitable strategies for Telecom operators?
What must they do [...]