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Arisan and the rise of m-commerce in Indonesia

-+*Indonesians are familiar with the concept of getting financial services through non-financial institutions. The idea of m-commerce will not have high barriers for consumers to embrace. The practice of arisan also represents the “circle of trust” that is also apparent in how we Indonesians tend to surround ourselves with friends, neighbors and families.

Phoneblet and phablet powered people get super screen status

-+*Strong momentum for phablets and phoneblets suggests we are on the verge of a large-scale transition to a daily dual device dependency, where we carry two devices with us all the time.The smaller phoneblets represent an incremental increase from the phone where the fundamental mobile phone value is preserved. The larger phablets take the step out of the regular pockets and into your purse, suitcase or small bag. The increased screen size is of great value for all applications you use for an extended period of times.

Creating the Networked Society of 2030 in the here and now

-+*Around the world, there are still millions of people who aren’t touched by this connectivity and technology yet. Connecting these people will be a highlight at the upcoming Social Good Summit that in New York on September 21-22. The theme of the Social Good Summit is particularly meaningful – Connecting for Good, Connecting for All – with a focus on 2030.

The revolution of the connected car is just ahead

-+*So, here we are finally. Self-driving cars. From my side, I see two revolutions that have come from the development of the car. The first one meant freedom. The second is here in the connected car, just in front of us.

A day in the life – year 2050

-+*In this post I wanted to lay out a vision of what life might be like in 35 years in the year 2050. I let my imagination run freely here but many of the things I mention in this ‘future’ blog post are actually in the works today and it will not be long before they become a reality.

Extra network muscle needed for connected vacationers

-+*For power users of e-mail and social media, vacation might be a time to consider some digital detox as outlined an earlier blog post. The reverse can also happen as it did in a few communities of vacation homes where the mobile networks choked from a substantial increase of use.

Versatile videography: shooting in slo-mo and 4K

-+* Pictures and social media posts have ruled the documentation of our vacation trips but you might want to get ready to step back into your camcorder shoes and become a 4K videographer.

Shooting summer-savvy selfies: life gets a new perspective


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