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Profiling the producers in the open marketplace

Lately, I have written a number of posts about creative individuals whose product, talent and service innovations are turning the traditional market logic upside down. Previously, homegrown innovators and artists never reached beyond their friends and family. Today, however, they are competing with corporation heavyweights and entertainment superstars by simply being recommended and pushed forward [...]

The rise of the network-driven economy

In a post I published last week, I wrote about the game changers – the innovative individuals who are creating their own products and services, and placing them online.

Shoot and share: photography in real time

The first 10 years of mass-market digital photography have gone well thanks to innovations in mobile phones, single-lens reflex (SLR) and point-and-shoot cameras. The classic Kodachrome film has been discontinued. What can we expect from networked photography going forward?

TV in the home goes high-tech

Buying a TV was easy when it was all in one piece– when all you had to worry about was whether you should put it on a TV stand or hang it on the wall. But now innovation is being taken to the next level as key TV and audio technologies are being integrated with [...]

Changing the way business is being done

How can business and the public sector adapt to – and utilize – the power of creative people?
In the latest Ericsson Business Review, I wrote an article about the game changers – the creative and entrepreneurial individuals who are bringing their innovations to global social networks and letting the public access their ideas, participate in [...]

How does connectivity drive social change?

At the Rio+Social event that took place in Brazil last week, with the help of social media, leaders from around the world took the discussions about a sustainable future to a global audience. 

Everyday interaction and Connected Me

Touch is instinctual. Our need for it begins in the womb. Touch comforts and nurtures us. We use touch to perform tasks throughout the entire day; we use our hands constantly to turn things on and off, to open and close objects – basically to do anything.  

Ready for Rio

The theme of Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, is “Commit to the future we want.”

The VGo robot: a hero to homebound students

At MWC 2012, I brought a VGo robot on stage and spoke about its potential. The robot is a brilliant mobile application that is being used by more than 21 students in the United States, who previously, have been unable to attend school because of circumstances beyond their control. Thanks to the VGo robot, the [...]

21st-century agriculture gets connected

As the world population grows, so does the strain we put on the environment. The need for sustainable agricultural systems has never been greater, and communications technology is becoming essential to their development. The technological innovations that are emerging in the agricultural industry combine mobile broadband and machine-to-machine communication to help increase productivity, while also [...]