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Mobile working as a lifestyle

You’ve heard it before: More people spend more time working away from their desk, thanks to mobile communications. And so I find myself writing this blog in an almost empty café, since this happens to be the most quiet place around – our office landscape tends to get rather busy at times. It might appear [...]

Welcome to the Disruption Era!

Free messaging on Smartphone costs Telco’s more than 23 Billions USD in 2012 on missed SMS-revenues according to Ovum, in a report published in October 2012. In this report, Ovum predicts that losses could reach 54 BUSD per year by 2016. So what are the options and suitable strategies for Telecom operators?
What must they do [...]

Cloud content extends device life

You might love your devices, your smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop. But it’s no longer the love to the device itself that is that strongest love. As the services we are using become networked, the cloud becomes our love.

Crowd-sourcing a hit

3091 artists from 140 countries have uploaded 6131 sounds in the first part of Avicii’s AviciixYou project to crowd-source a hit song. Amazing! A rather simple set-up has managed to engage musicians in 140 countries to join in a project without no bigger purpose that to create a song. Because music engages.

A stroll around CES: Here the science center’s future is reality.

Now that Ericsson’s major appearances at 2013 International CES are finished, I took my first stroll around the Central Hall, where huge brands like Polaroid, Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung (and Ericsson) are all competing for the attention of attendees. As I walked through — admittedly a limited tour but anyone who comes to these trade [...]

CES 2013 kicks off: It’s about interaction!

The 2013 International CES kicks off today, and we’ll finally see if all the speculations about “it’s a different show” now are indeed true. Journalists writing advance pieces say it’s no longer about the gadgets. It’s about the interaction between people, software, and network. For Ericsson, that’s right up our alley.
And for us, there’s [...]

Consumer trends 2013: Distraction as attraction

What happens if you let go of your keyboard? We increasingly let computing get distracted by a sudden incident, particularly as ‘computing’ increasingly happens while on the move: A chance meeting on the street, a sudden skyline view, or the shop attendant asking if the sandwich is for take-away, distract us in that split-second before [...]

Top 10 trends to expect in 2013

As 2012 is draws to a close, Ericsson ConsumerLab has once again identified the hottest consumer trends for next year and beyond. Looking back, I think our predictions for the year that has passed were quite good – and I have high hopes for our 2013 trends as well.

My three-step guide to get you online

Yesterday, I wrote about the need for men in today’s society to take their networking online and use the social-media tools available to them to enhance their personal and business prospects.

Become a Networked Man in a matter of months

If we are determined to join the Networked Society as influencers outside our physical sphere, we must embrace social-media tools. So why aren’t we doing so?