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iPads take center stage at Sydney school as pen and paper are pushed aside

In a yearlong trial, a Sydney school has issued 145 year 6 students with iPads, which will be used to complete most of their classwork. So what will happen to pen and paper as more and more new technologies are introduced in schools? Do they have a future? Perhaps – well, I’m rooting for the [...]

Rediscovering the social approach to media

At Mobile World Congress 2012, we spoke to Tom Standage, Digital Editor, The Economist, about the social media phenomenon. Standage says that while many people perceive social media as being new and unprecedented, they mark a return to the way media have worked throughout most of history.

What will schools be like in the Networked Society?

When I was at school it was all about a backpack filled with books, a chalkboard, strict rows of desks and chairs, and a teacher at the front instructing us on a wide range of subjects. We didn’t have the internet to find alternative points of view, or smartphones to send texts to friends. Back [...]

Connected learning – education reinventing itself

In this video, I talk about how new technologies are revolutionizing education.
Broadband, computers and mobile devices are changing the way students learn and challenging the traditional ways schools work. Increased connectivity makes information accessible from anywhere and at any time, which means any space can be a space for learning.

How will being connected to everything and everyone change your life?

In this video, visitors to Mobile World Congress 2012 share their thoughts on what always being connected means to them and how it is changing their world.

International Women’s Day: Empowering women around the world

Today is International Women’s Day 2012, a day for countries around the world to celebrate and recognize women’s economic, political and social achievements.
This year the UN theme is Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty. And in the industry and field that I work, which is to explore the use of Technology for Good, this [...]

Start with the problem, not the technology

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how ICT is transforming the way the developing world is being educated. To add to this conversation, I will publish three shortened Q&As that were carried out by Ericsson Business Review. In each interview, a prominent thinker involved in the ICT and education sector will share [...]

Enhancing the consumer experience – what more do you want?

Reading the latest Ericsson ConsumerLab report, Optimal Consumer Experience, made me laugh as I recalled the very funny YouTube clip Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy. Is there a limit to our expectations as consumers? Is it in our nature as human beings to always be seeking and demanding more? Will we ever be content? No, [...]

I am in love with the Social Web of Things

I am somewhat addicted to following trends in user behavior, and use it as a foundation when making my own decisions. I get all warm inside when I see a product that challenges current standards and brings about new ways of looking at the way we interact with people, things or services.

Who is paying for what?

The annual Mobile World Congress has just ended, and as the doors close behind me, I am wondering what exactly it is that we think we are paying for when we use the web.