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The revolution of the connected car is just ahead

-+*So, here we are finally. Self-driving cars. From my side, I see two revolutions that have come from the development of the car. The first one meant freedom. The second is here in the connected car, just in front of us.

A day in the life – year 2050

-+*In this post I wanted to lay out a vision of what life might be like in 35 years in the year 2050. I let my imagination run freely here but many of the things I mention in this ‘future’ blog post are actually in the works today and it will not be long before they become a reality.

Extra network muscle needed for connected vacationers

-+*For power users of e-mail and social media, vacation might be a time to consider some digital detox as outlined an earlier blog post. The reverse can also happen as it did in a few communities of vacation homes where the mobile networks choked from a substantial increase of use.

Versatile videography: shooting in slo-mo and 4K

-+* Pictures and social media posts have ruled the documentation of our vacation trips but you might want to get ready to step back into your camcorder shoes and become a 4K videographer.

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