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Tales from the new TV and media landscape

In this post, my ConsumerLab colleague, Anders Erlandsson, is going to share a few personal experiences from the new TV and media landscape. Anders’ observations typify the incredible transformation that is occurring in the way we consume TV and video – trends that are also backed up by data in our 2013 TV and Media report.

Tips for digital detox

Are you among the users dependent on four or five networked devices on a daily basis? These devices provide endless opportunities and can also create addictive behaviors. Nevertheless, some of us might benefit from a bit of digital detox.

Will the Networked Society require a new type of leadership?

Thousands of books have been written about leadership and leaders, and many theories have been developed in the fields of management and psychology. In this post, I will discuss the type of leadership that will be needed in the Networked Society.

STEM talent soon a scarce resource

Mobile broadband + emerging markets = disruptive innovation

Coworking 2.0

Technology and good karma unite a nation

For young kids, tablets may not be enough

Today’s young children see their parents on their smartphone everywhere and wonder why they don’t have connectivity anywhere they want. An emerging trend is that the youngest members of the family are now in many cases the first to demand integrated 3G and 4G connectivity.

Disruptive conversation during All Things D

Connections make city life simpler