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Big data needs a human touch

-+*As companies embrace dig data and analytics, we mustn’t ignore the role of human intuition. In business, intuition plays an important role from the early stages of analytical strategy as the choice of target domains to analyse are often based on the intuition, or gut feelings of executives.

Are operators playing games with me?

-+*Gamification could be a way for operators and other businesses to gather meaningful feedback and improve their relationship with customers.

Forty-eight hours with Google Glass

-+*Poyan Sandnell blog about his experience with Google Glass – the fascinating wearable that is giving us a glimpse of what life in the Networked Society will be like.

Where will we store all this user-generated content?

-+*Peter Linder blogs about his dependency on cloud storage solutions and the challenge of single-digit storage caps.

Connected rings are more than a fashion statement

-+*Peter Linder blogs about the first wave of networked rings that are emerging. These devices belong to a group of wearable tech products that have mass market potential.

With e-commerce, retailers must rethink

-+*Ulrika shares her views on how changing shopping habits are placing new demands on the retail logistics chain.

How fast is our world becoming obsolete?

-+*Nowadays change doesn’t occur over a lifetime or even over years but rather months. Today if you complete a computer science degree, what you learned in your first year of study is obsolete by year 3. And this is not only a problem for individuals but for business too.

Smart devices are making city life healthier

-+*The wellbeing of ‘cityzens’ is dependent on individuals taking a greater responsibility for being active. Running in the parks or workout sessions at the gym are common in urban areas but what will we demand in the form of measurement when these activities moves beyond fitness freaks and become mainstream in the city?

Central sites or local hubs – reflections on future city offices


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