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The philosophy of being connected

-+*Access to information makes us independent but also brings us closer to the people and things we depend on to share their data so that we can complete our tasks. In a connected world, a new philosophy is spreading, and it is much larger than the technology itself.

App-centric cities require a new mindset

-+*Providing good user experience is not a network issue alone, but will always involve a balancing act between networks, devices and apps.

A closer look at the ‘tablet generation’

-+*Online video viewing has become a mainstream activity for consumers of all ages so shouldn’t cognitive psychology have a closer look at this new trend? Is this good or bad for society?

TV still bringing us together

-+*Ericsson ConsumerLab just released its about how we’re watching TV. As we at Ericsson sat around the table thinking about which highlights to write about in the press release, several of us reacted to the news about pensioners increasing how much they’re watching streaming video.

More personal stories from the new media landscape


It’s time for the smartwatch

-+*2013 is projected to be the year of the smartwatch. This is the biggest inflection point for the USD 60 billion watch industry since the launch of the Swatch in 1983. Virtually “all” CE companies have a smartwatch in the pipe. So how will smartwatches make life different in the Networked Society?

Tales from the new TV and media landscape

-+*In this post, my ConsumerLab colleague, Anders Erlandsson, is going to share a few personal experiences from the new TV and media landscape. Anders’ observations typify the incredible transformation that is occurring in the way we consume TV and video – trends that are also backed up by data in our 2013 TV and Media report.

Tips for digital detox

-+*Are you among the users dependent on four or five networked devices on a daily basis? These devices provide endless opportunities and can also create addictive behaviors. Nevertheless, some of us might benefit from a bit of digital detox.

Will the Networked Society require a new type of leadership?

-+*Thousands of books have been written about leadership and leaders, and many theories have been developed in the fields of management and psychology. In this post, I will discuss the type of leadership that will be needed in the Networked Society.

STEM talent soon a scarce resource