A transformation story you can bank on


Mobile technology is blurring the boundaries of traditional industry and pushing established markets into new competitive arenas. We see this happening all around us. Consider how fast Apple has become one of largest music retailers in the world. Technology’s ability to shape industry boundaries and its disruptive nature has become one of the top structural issues all businesses are confronted with today. Continue reading

New strategies for the digital age


In an interview we conducted a few months ago, Jimmy Wales said it best: “If you really want to innovate, stop thinking about business models and start thinking about human needs.” The more I work on an ongoing series of reports about industry and transformation, the more these words ring true. Continue reading

How societies will benefit from technological progress

ICT policy

In my previous blog I wrote how technology progress is fundamentally offering a path to enhance the well-being of a society and the need for adequate policy making to achieve such an outcome. For society to benefit from a technology-led transformational change, there must be sound public policy making, because public policy shapes and determines the duration, cumulative strength and sustainability of socioeconomic benefits that can be achieved. Continue reading

The day before the iPhone


I recently had the opportunity to attend my first Churchill event in Silicon Valley. It was a great honor and I strongly recommend attending to anybody that has a similar opportunity. And I have to confess I love the name of the club and the sentiment it endears. Continue reading

Connected rings are more than a fashion statement

Wearable technology

Networked rings represent a new type of technology wearable, emerging as part of the smartphone ecosystem. At Fashion Week 2014 in New York City, Ringblingz introduced their first ring connected to a smartphone. So what role do we see fashion accessories such as rings playing in the Networked Society? Continue reading

Give a voice to the people

A voice to the people

I recently spoke with Tasos Pagakis, a colleague in our Mediterranean regional division, about some interesting findings in a study of the Greek market. Tasos is passionate about the potential of technology to unite, engage and empower whole societies especially in his home country of Greece, so I asked him to write a guest blog about the research findings. Continue reading

Keep on trucking: future trends in transport

Delivery trucks on the highway

The consumption of goods, especially in cities, is making urban transport more complex. This is being driven by shorter cycles for seasonal goods, growth in web-based shopping, and higher expectations on short delivery times. Mailboxes serve fewer and fewer letters. Post-offices are closing down and trucks seem to be the worst urban parking violators around. Continue reading

With e-commerce, retailers must rethink


E-commerce has gone mainstream. People in the UK spent GBP 18 billion (USD 30 billion) shopping online last year, with GBP 3 billion spent using mobile devices. And these numbers are going to keep growing and growing. So what does that mean for retailers and commerce in general? Continue reading

MWC 2014: the rise of the partnership

Era of partnerships

At the end of this decade, when we look back at Mobile World Congress 2014, we will remember it as the start of the partnership era for the ICT industry and the start of an era where creative collaboration defined the market. Continue reading

In Austin, creativity is contagious

Austin, Texas

I recently came across a report ranking major US cities in regards to their attractiveness to business, looking at where new jobs in the US are created and kept. The index was developed by the Milken Institute, a nonprofit think-tank and concluded that Austin, Texas, is the most competitive city in the US when it comes to creating high-quality jobs and being attractive to business. Continue reading