You are only as smart as the people around you


Creativity is no longer about one genius in a lab somewhere with a big, secret idea. Instead, creativity is about intelligence of the crowd and about sharing and interacting. And the best place to find these conditions is in a dense, diversified city. Continue reading

Miracast moves multimedia methodically

Ericsson Image Bank 2008

Classic Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) is widely adopted for wireless data access in a broad range of devices. In 2012, 100 percent of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and game consoles sold had embedded Wi-Fi while only 1 percent of set-top boxes did. Right now the Wi-Fi ecosystem is going through a significant capability leap with video as a key driver. So what can we expect from Wi-Fi in the future beyond free and best effort? Continue reading

Blue Ocean Strategy in the Networked Society – Part 2

In my previous post, I created the Strategy Canvas for the Red Ocean of an Asian telecom operator. In this post, I will show you how applying Blue Ocean Strategy within the Networked Society will affect the operator’s business, strategy and market. Continue reading

Wireless to the room beats fiber to the lobby

Connected hotels

Hotels were early adopters when they started providing wired internet access in their rooms and wireless hotspots around their facilities. Nowadays these attributes are as fundamental as a bed and a bathroom but consumer demands have progressed. Today’s hotels guests demand the next generation of access services so that their visits are not a penalty box of connectivity. Continue reading

Blue Ocean Strategy in the Networked Society

Blue Ocean Strategy

I recently wondered why we shouldn’t apply Blue Ocean Strategy to telco’s within the Networked Society. The award winning book about the requirements for strategic success is also about transforming, rebuilding and creating new markets. I decided to give it a try and I must confess it has been a tedious task, or rather a challenge to try and do outside my regular working hours. In this first post, I will set the scene and present a few assumptions. Then in the coming posts, I will elaborate more on the details as well as the results. Continue reading

A smartphone is a girl’s best friend

International womens day

It’s International Women’s Day and I’m thinking about how the opportunities brought by our industry – or more specifically by broadband, mobility, and the cloud – are essential for women globally, for helping to facilitate their daily lives and for development and innovation within their communities. The Networked Society and the opportunities it brings will have an immense impact on the areas traditionally mastered by women. And I believe this is a good thing. Continue reading

Pub-lesson #1: Ecosystems

Barcelona business model

It was not a likely spot to learn about emerging ecosystems but next to my hotel in Barcelona was a pub. This was very convenient. It was continuously raining while there, so I could dip out of the hotel and into the pub whilst barely getting wet. While there I could relax, drink, still use the hotel Wi-Fi (that close) AND eat. They had a very simple menu which for me was perfect. I ended up having chicken three nights in a row, while doing my day job which is normally based in the Silicon Valley. Now I am not sure what that says about me as a person or what it says about my life in the Networked Society…but it worked very well. Continue reading

Relentless hustle and bustle…

President and CEO, Hans Vestberg with special guest, Avicii

…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Barcelona and Mobile World Congress 2013 is over. Deep breath? Nah, not really. Up by 6am this morning – spring is here, the sun is out, the eyes fly open. Also, we’ve already started talking about the content for our next public gathering – in roughly 30 days. How will we take the best of Barcelona and whittle it down into a 30-minute direct presentation? The news releases, the presentations from others in the industry, the meetings, the imagery, the people all around us. The “buzz.” Perhaps I can start with a few reflections here, and see what sticks. Continue reading

Star power and fist pumps during Ericsson’s keynote to MWC

Ericsson President and CEO, Hans Vestberg and House DJ Avicii released the crowd-sourced track, ‘X-You’ during the Ericsson keynote speech to the Mobile World Congress. Last night I was in the audience and reported on the world’s largest music collaboration of its sort – curated from nearly 13,000 submissions from more than 4,000 people in 140 countries. This is just one more example of how the Networked Society is transforming everything – including the music industry. Continue reading

A hodgepodge of happenings and a little Swedish pride

MWC 2013 Barcelona Ericsson

And so it begins. Opening day of Mobile World Congress. 67,000 experts on mobility, technology, radio networks, chipsets, applications, network this, network that, and not to forget – marketing professionals – it’s an event on a gigantic scale. Continue reading