The “arts” of going mobile in the Networked Society


It has been a long time since I have lived in my hometown of Seattle, Washington, in the US. When I was growing up, Seattle was known for its rainy season (January through December, according to some T-shirts) and the airline industry – Boeing – and little else.

Now it is known as the birthplace of grunge music, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon. But Seattle is, and has always been, an artistic city as well. There are at least two professional dance companies, a renowned symphony, and countless independent artisans at places like the Pike Place Market. Continue reading

Dreaming of a connected (and smart) home


You have heard about it, and maybe also seen and feel it. Maybe your neighbors have it or maybe you have it by yourself. I’m talking about the connected home. It actually still surprises me that we have so many things around us connected, even our cars. But our houses have been dragging. Until now. Continue reading

Empowering societies with mobile health


According to the United Nations, Malaysia has the highest proportion of overweight people in South East Asia and is ranked sixth in Asia Pacific. Although these reports are not very flattering, it is hardly surprising, as Malaysia does pride itself on its melting pot of cultures and the amazing cuisine that you can find 24 hours a day. Our dietary habits and desire for instant gratification are getting us into trouble, and more and more people are trying to change their lifestyles to cope. This includes everything from seeking deals on gym memberships and personal trainers to smartphone fitness applications and wearable technologies. Continue reading

Can Motor City become Bike City? The reinvention of Detroit.


A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Detroit. It is a fascinating city facing many challenges getting on its feet again, which makes it a really interesting place to visit if you want to study entrepreneurship and creativity. My reason for being there was to study the progress of a city trying to redefine its post-industrial self. Continue reading

LEDing innovation in lighting (and getting a Nobel Prize in the process)


It is the season of light, whether in Mexico or Northern Europe. I’ve read that Sweden only had a few hours of sunshine in November, while Mexico enjoyed a bright month. Regardless, people in both countries have now begun to untangle many cords of light bulbs to decorate homes and office buildings: Lights are an essential part of celebrating many kinds of holidays during December. Continue reading

Santa Cloud is coming to town …


Christmas is coming, and there only a few days left. So, if you celebrate Christmas, you are likely in the middle of frantic shopping for all those Christmas presents. Of course, this day is also a big day for our friend, Santa Claus.

The cloud could be a big help for Santa Claus during his one huge workday , not to mention the rest of the year when he has to prepare himself and his team of managers, the elves, for a lighting-fast global logistics operation. Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

Three lessons in iteration: The new engine of competitive advantage


Facebook will run hundreds of live tests today, each with a statistically significant sample of users. Every tiny success is a new competitive edge, and a tighter relationship with more than a billion customers. Continue reading

Don’t underestimate the power of small cells in the mobile enterprise


Since the small cell concept was introduced in the marketplace, there has been an ongoing debate with regards to the amount of cells that should be deployed. Over the past two years, there have been large fluctuations in estimates. But what if the reality will be 10X higher than the even the high-end estimates we currently are working with? Continue reading

The top ten consumer trends for 2015 and beyond

Caribe - Kids with phone_frontend_web

It is said that the pace of change will never be slower than it is right now, and this is certainly my impression after putting the final touches on Ericsson ConsumerLab’s 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2015 and beyond. This can be hard to take in, as, in reality, most people are creatures of habit, going through daily routines that evolve only gradually. So how can consumer trends be pointing to such drastic change? Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

Real-time agriculture: The connected farming revolution


There’s a hidden revolution under way. It’s not in your hands, on your desktop or in your city. It’s on your grandfather’s farm. Continue reading