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A wearable world designed for patients, not consumers


Consumer wearables are already a massive opportunity. But patient-centric wearable computing will be key to unprecedented medical breakthroughs. Continue reading

Why WiFi will mean more, not less, wires in the enterprise


Enterprise network spend is shifting from wired to wireless solutions, primarily driven by a new WiFi generation (802.11ac) designed to boost capacity for wireless services in enterprises. But contrary to what most people believe, this evolution will require new wires to support the transition. The new WiFi generation is not easily supported with the existing wires. Continue reading

Why we keep looking at the smart home again and again


One of the trends in our Ericsson ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer trends for 2015 and Beyond is the idea that consumers want their homes to be more active in helping them. Continue reading

Drones are a few of my favorite things


In the Networked Society, we like to imagine that communications technology will free our lives from drudgery and make us better human beings. We’ll have more time with our families, spend less time driving alone in our cars and be more creative, with fewer boring tasks on our to-do lists.

That’s why a new, imaginative video from our colleagues in the Industry Transformation group at Ericsson is so much fun to watch. It takes drones today and imagines them at the next level. And the next level after that. Continue reading

Delivering on the broadband promise in an era of instant gratification


I ordered my iPhone 6+ through the Apple™ Store just over a week before Christmas and was truly amazed at how convenient and intuitive the entire process was, especially considering how busy the season is. From ordering to delivery, it took just over 5 days to receive the phone by courier, and I was kept informed of delivery milestones via email and SMS. I was truly thrilled considering at the time of ordering, the system informed me that it could take up to 3 weeks to arrive! Although I am used to purchasing songs and apps through iTunes™, my positive perception of Apple™ elevated many times-fold at the moment when I saw the courier service at my front gate. This escalated even more at the ease of activation and overall experience of using the device. Continue reading

Stream it down, Scotty!


Of all the Ericsson ConsumerLab 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2015 and Beyond, the idea of a streamed future may be the easiest to understand – at least when taken at face value. It just says that in 2015 more people will watch streamed on-demand video on a weekly basis than broadcast TV. Continue reading

Following Pope Francis’ footsteps in Manila with smartphones and social media


Editor’s note: Last November, we ran a guest blog by Ellen Alarilla, the Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibilities for South East Asia and Oceania, on a trip she took to Dhaka. Today, we feature another post from Ellen, this time about how her family used smartphones and social media during a visit to Manilla by Pope Francis: Continue reading

Small streaming sticks surge – are you ready for a new kind of TV service?


We have gotten used to our set-top boxes as the bridge between the TV screen and the wall outlet. However, with the adoption of OTT video services and the ability to use a smartphone as a remote control, a new type of TV device is quickly becoming very popular. Continue reading

Will you use thoughts to send a smiley in the near future?


Among Ericsson ConsumerLab’s 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2015 and beyond, the one trend that has inspired the most questions, criticism and, indeed, praise, is the Mind Sharing trend. Continue reading

E-mail is not dead. Long live e-mail, both at work and at home


Complaints about e-mail are piling up in my news feed like a two-week stack of daily newspapers by the door. The other day, I read yet another obituary for e-mail. If you want to reach young people, don’t send an e-mail, the author said. Instead explore all avenues of social media, etc., etc., etc. Even for practitioners of the art of e-mail, we question the etiquette and habits of e-mail. Another article asked, “Why do we put our e-mail addresses in our e-mail signatures?” Continue reading