Command-crafted community

Video-on-Demand and interactive TV dominated the broadband buzz 20 years ago. Now it is a reality. We stream video on demand. We guide our friends and family, our community, instead of program guides doing the job. You really should watch Peter’s latest passionate prediction.

Produce and print personal postcards: classic comes back with digital twist

Tourists taking photo may be sending their real, printed postcards home

If you want to impress your friends this summer, a postcard in the regular mail will do the job. Either you go traditional and buy one, or you create and post your personal ones. This might be the first summer in ages when you get more post than you did last year. Continue reading

Evolution of the Networked Society: Try to run Twitter on this!

Poyan with a 500 Switch

Is this the start of the Networked Society? Let us go back some years in Core Network history and we will find a very old network solution. It was called the switchboard operator. Continue reading

Peter’s passionate predictions: More multiscreen momentum

It used to be simple: a TV screen, a data screen and a phone screen. Now all screens are video screens in different sizes and we move seamlessly between them. Get the picture with Peter’s latest passionate prediction.

Progessive innovation: accelerating, active and accessible

Progressive innovation

As described in my last blog post, Mobility, Broadband and the Cloud have become general-purpose technologies with a broad applicability, creating a foundation for innovation and driving the transformation of society. Continue reading

Logging lost luggage: your travel tags are migrating to the Networked Society

Travel tags are going to get smarter and connected

It’s the time of the year when we attach frequent-flyer tags to suitcases for everyone in the family, or write out the small paper tags in the line at the airport. Luggage tags are one area where I think we will see a massive shift from paper and plastic to connected devices in the near future. Have you started to consider a better way to track your luggage yet? Continue reading

Are we entering an age of ‘living in the clouds’?

A few days ago, a colleague brought a 3D printer that he had built by himself into the office. As one would expect, it generated quite a stir, with everyone crowding around and watching it magically print out 3D objects right in front of us. Continue reading

Peter’s passionate predictions: a fantastic 4K future

4K or UltraHD is the new video format. It provides four times the resolution of HD TV. Your action camera has it. Your big screen TV will soon have it. 4K TV will be a major quality driver for video.

Look on the bright side – changing behaviors to improve the environment

Innovation is changing the way we think of the environment.

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore the things that are right there in front of you to see: our forests, our lakes, our animals, and indeed the entire natural environment around us. It’s harder to ignore them however when you think that we may be ruining them with each day that passes. But our consciousness about the environment is starting to change, and with it our behavior as well. Here’s a story about how, with the help of technology and connectivity, my family’s behavior has changed. Continue reading

Bring better battery back-up: don’t get digitally stranded

Your options for keeping your devices charged have grown rapidly

With the short battery life of our smartphones, we have all grown used to taking a charging cable with us to recharge our phones in the middle of the day. As vacation season kicks off in the northern hemisphere, you are will probably notice new recharging challenges this summer compared with last year. What type of batteries and cables will you take on vacation this year? Continue reading