Not only the names will change

What’s in a name?
This weekend I had a fight with my nearest and dearest while my car overheated and begged for coolant. I went into the shop and something that had “Anti-Freeze” large and loud on the label, but “coolant” in fine print. He said I bought the wrong thing because the label said Anti-Freeze. I said: “It says coolant.” We kept repeating just these words to each other, louder and louder, slower and slower.

The reason I write this now is not that I’m not over this fight, which I might not be, but because it relates clearly to an event today where we’re hearing all about world solutions and technology and ways of doing things. And we all have different words for it, but it adds up to using technology for good in a Networked Society. The event is the Guardian newspaper’s Activate: London 2013. A number of game-changers were on the roster including Chris Vein, Chief Innovation Officer for Global Information and Communications Technology Development at the World Bank, Maria Eitel, CEO of the Nike Foundation, our own President and CEO Hans Vestberg, and Vint Cerf, the great internet evangelist from Google. We also heard some fast pitches from entrepreneurs and I’m certain we’ll be hearing more from those people – but more on them later. Continue reading

Value collaborations spark business and industry transformation

Our world is changing as a result of the Networked Society. It’s empowering consumers and influencing how we communicate with each other in private and business relationships. This post is about how the business and industry landscape is transforming and with it our ways of working, producing, manufacturing, and how customer value will be created.

Consultants and sales people offer advice and deliver services to their customers. They do their best to deliver quality work and service. This engagement aims to achieve high customer satisfaction. But do they really achieve the wanted satisfaction level by making value propositions and delivering quality services to customers? Continue reading

‘E’ is key in Estonia

You could see Estonia as a 4G Nirvana.
Or maybe I should say Valhalla, since we’re in this part of the world. Estonia is a classic underdog-becomes-the-champion story, as far as a Networked Society goes. Continue reading

Connected communities are driving a new do-ocracy

The do-it-yourself society

I wrote earlier about the game changers and how creative people no longer practice their hobbies in the private sphere but rather in networks and communities. The ‘maker culture’ is growing stronger and we see a growing ‘do-culture’ covering more and more areas in society. Continue reading

It’s about doing the impossible – faster

Ericsson Image Bank 2008

Technology is transforming how everybody builds solutions and faster access to the latest technology gives you an unfair advantage. I work in Silicon Valley and we benefit from that unfair advantage. This is because the technology being invented here is not incremental but disruptive. Continue reading

Smartphone survey shows the need for speed

Keeping smartphone users loyal

A new report, “Keeping smartphone users loyal,” from Ericsson ConsumerLab shows that smartphone users have frequent issues with internet connectivity. As many as 60 percent of users in the study experience problems at least once a week and 33 percent encounter problems daily. It makes me wonder about the changing perceptions we have of such important things as connectivity and speed.
Continue reading

When it comes to smartphones, we’re all different

Consumers and smartphones

It’s no longer just the early adopters who are driving the growth of smartphone and mobile internet usage. Now we’re all doing it! Continue reading

Why fear might be valuable in the Networked Society

Ulf Ewaldsson at Digital Horizons

Fear is an essential ingredient for change. As much as it can be a hurdle, the truth is, I think fear is a big motivator. Though it wasn’t articulated as a theme during an Economist conference this morning, it certainly shone through every speech, panel, and question and answer period. Continue reading

From Malaysia to Sweden: a Networked Society travelogue

Gamla Stan

Having just ended my annual pilgrimage to Stockholm, I took the time to reflect and write this piece on my flight home. I must say I’m really excited to be home soon, where my poor dry skin and stomach look forward to the accustomed weather and food.

Stockholm is the land of the connected, where residents take the latest technologies for granted. From super high-speed broadband connections and geo-tracked public buses and trains, to connected payment terminals at almost every corner. What I find lacking in cuisine is more than compensated by the convenience the city infrastructure brings to daily living. I actually managed to spend six whole days commuting on subways and taxis, dining and even catching a movie with just my credit card and ID – without handling a single Swedish Crown! Continue reading

For young kids, tablets may not be enough

Young children_devices and connectivity1

This is the first generation of children who are growing up with tablets. Some young children have used these devices and the apps on them for close to three years, but up until now most of that use has been restricted to broadband in Wi-Fi enabled homes. So what will Generation Z and the Pluralist generation dream of for the future? Continue reading