Peter’s passionate predictions: significant selfie syndrome

Selfie, the art of taking pictures of yourself, became the word of the year in 2013. We practice the art mostly with the front camera of our smartphones. The betting is on what we will call the pictures of larger groups, with phones on a stick and remote control.

Did you know: Facebook is the third-largest country in the world

Social world

We are living in a world of changes. We are living in a world in which more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush. The big motor of change is driven by ourselves and no one else. This is what we, all of us together, do. I guess that we are living within the changes and maybe not always reflecting on the big picture.
I am talking about the rise of social media. You can say that it is the biggest shift on earth since the Industrial Revolution. How can that be?
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Awesome action adventures: moving in front of the camera

Rio - Self portrait_web

For a long time, action adventures have been recorded by a photographer standing still behind the camera. This has changed quickly for the 15 million photographers who now own action cameras. What scenes will you record with your action camera this summer? Continue reading

Introducing the sharing economy – courtesy of the Networked Society

Connectivity is making it easy for people to share -- accommodation, transport, you name it

You might have heard the term “sharing economy.” It’s all over the news these days, for both good and not-so-good reasons. Wikipedia defines the sharing economy as “an economic system built around the sharing of human and physical assets.” You may have also heard of companies such as Airbnb and Uber, and even used their services.

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Peter’s passionate predictions: complete city coverage

Until now you could rely on full mobile coverage throughout a city – at least for voice and as long as you were outdoors. But with indoor use increasing and new applications with higher demands, we are now moving into an app coverage paradigm. In his latest passionate prediction, Networked Society evangelist Peter Linder explains where we are headed next.

We want the physical world to mimic the internet


If you have friends with small children, I am sure at some point they have proudly told you how their little darlings could do just about anything with an iPad before they could even walk or talk. You’ve probably also seen the videos in social media with titles like, “Baby works iPad perfectly. Amazing. Must Watch!” From this it may seem like babies have suddenly became really smart but actually it’s the world that’s changing, not the children. Continue reading

Peter’s passionate predictions: creative collaboration

Do you have a strategy for how to leverage opportunities for creative collaboration? Networked Society evangelist, Peter Linder, describes how barriers to collaboration at and between companies are rapidly disappearing. Peter predicts that collaboration between employees and within ecosystems will be a vital enabler for success in the Networked Society.

What does Green City really mean?

ICT and city life

My colleague and friend, Craig Donovan, Manager of Sustainability Research at Ericsson, joined us at the New Cities Summit in Dallas, USA last week. It was a well-attended event with participants from over 50 countries including mayors, private and public sector representatives, start-ups, academia and members of the media. We were all there to discuss the future of cities and how we can transform the 21st century metropolis. Continue reading

The next revolution starts on the back label

In the Networked Society, just about every industry will have to change – even transform – as access to information and the ability for things to communicate is fundamentally changes the rules of the game. I wonder, however, if the greatest change is not hidden in the potential of print, and in the power of making it connected. Continue reading

Peter’s passionate predictions: Nomophobia

I am pleased to introduce ‘Peter’s Passionate Predictions’, a series of short videos published here, each Tuesday, on the Networked Society blog. I believe videos will replace slides as the new ubiquitous information bearer of stories in the Networked Society. In these 1 minute-long videos it is my ambition to inform you each week about a different phenomena going on in the Networked Society. Feel free to suggest topics you would like me to address in a future and I will do my best to turn it into something interesting.

The first topic in this series, Nomophobia, the fear of forgetting your mobile phone. Today, it’s easier to forget your wallet or keys when heading to work than to forget a smartphone which means that Nomophobia has become one of the biggest phobias in the world today.

Do you recognize the feeling?