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The Networked Society will not work without an automation framework

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In a previous post, I talked about where medical research might connect with what we are trying to achieve in the Networked Society. And even if the connection between Knowledge Management and weak central coherence theory might have been far-fetched, it is only just the start. To take these ideas forward, in our world, we talk about Knowledge Management and Automation Framework (KMAF). Continue reading

Drawing the line between good habits and addiction with Nir Eyal


There is a famous quote “The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.” I will not give the name of the person who said it, somebody can add it to the comments. This quote explains why we in Ericsson have significant presence in Silicon Valley. Love it or hate, nobody can deny that the culture in that part of the world continuously challenges the status quo. And the Networked Society is all about challenging the status quo, with an open mind and balanced perspective.

So introducing Hans Haenlein, who leads our product discovery team in the valley. Hans had the opportunity to take part in an AT&T Foundry and Ericsson FutureCast event talking about habits, when they are good, when they are bad, and how you can tell the difference: Continue reading

Why my home alarm is not about security


My dog does not like to be alone. He absolutely hates it, to be quite honest. If left for more than a couple of hours, he literally starts climbing the walls. Although small, he jumps like a cat and easily reaches high places like tables and windowsills. But unlike cats, he knocks everything down onto the floor. Continue reading

Workcations – An exercise in flexibility and fun

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As I type this, I’m sitting 3,000 miles from my office, awaiting the start of a visit to out-of-state friends for a holiday weekend here in the United States. I’m very lucky to have a boss who trusts me to do my work wherever I am, allowing me to arrange my travel plans for the holiday around where I want to be rather than where I need to be.

Continue reading

What does open source software have in common with ice hotels?

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Open source software is one of the key building blocks of data centers. It is a vital enabler for the transition to open ecosystems as carriers modernize their networks. But many struggle to get their arms around the real value of open source and if its “free” brand is the key to reducing systems cost. Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

Will the cloud turn today’s smart home devices into homeless tech?


Did you iron your shirt this morning, and, if you did, did you remember to unplug the iron before leaving home? If you didn’t unplug it, please stop reading right now and go home. If you did unplug, would it not have been very convenient if your iron told you when it was unplugged and shut down? We have been talking about connected appliances for years but has anything really happened yet? Or are we still dependent on our own memory to know if we unplugged or not? Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

Is your industry about to be disrupted?


Four warning signs indicate that the answer is far more likely to be “yes” than “no”. Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

The Productivity Puzzle – Can ICT negatively impact GDP?


Digital disruption is a game changer for industries. Is it also a game changer for GDP? Guest contributor Dr. Catherine Mulligan sees reasons for discussion. Continue reading

Are you ready for a world where 70 percent of us have a smartphone?


What did your first touchscreen smartphone look like? My wild guess is that it didn’t look vastly different from your current one, right?

Mine at least, looks more or less the same as the first one I got back in 2009. But how it is used! There has been a huge change in how and for what I use my device compared to back then. Continue reading

Significant system source shift – how will operators access cloud technology?

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The market for cloud hardware and software systems has been stable for a long period of time. Enterprises have bought their servers from established IT providers. Large cloud service providers have built their own systems. As the industry merges into an ICT market, the landscape of viable options is changing. Continue reading