The world turned upside down

Networked Society logic

There will be many differences between the Industrial Society logic we are now leaving and the logic of the Networked Society that is now emerging. One of the differences is how we look at customers – whether they are consumers or clients and where we find them in the value chain. Continue reading

The Networked Society in a box


Did you know that Ericsson produces high-performance networks packaged in a big container? In a world where things are getting smaller and smaller, Ericsson is still producing big things, in both size and weight. Nearly 14 meters long and with a 14-ton battery, this “network-in-a-container” is probably the biggest product Ericsson delivers, and it can be delivered everywhere in the world. Continue reading

Versatile videography: shooting in slo-mo and 4K


With the rapid adoption of smartphones, our camcorders have been taking a back seat in capturing our vacations. Pictures and social media posts have ruled the documentation of our vacation trips. You might want to get ready to step back into your camcorder shoes and become a 4K videographer. Continue reading

Peter’s passionate predictions: Digital download doomed

Networked Society evangelist, Peter Linder, concludes his initial video series of predictions with a closer look at the phenomena of downloading. Today audio and video experiences have moved into the streaming domain while downloading has dropped below 10% of all internet traffic for the first time ever.

Shooting summer-savvy selfies: life gets a new perspective

Selfie at the football

Selfie was named the word of the year in 2013. In 2014 we have seen a steep increase in the number of selfies posted, with celebrities leading the charge. How will your summer selfies this year be different from the ones you took in 2013? Continue reading

Every day on planet Earth…

Just about everything is being transformed

An average day on the planet Earth comprises a lot of activities, and many of those are about to change. Continue reading

Command-crafted community

Video-on-Demand and interactive TV dominated the broadband buzz 20 years ago. Now it is a reality. We stream video on demand. We guide our friends and family, our community, instead of program guides doing the job. You really should watch Peter’s latest passionate prediction.

Produce and print personal postcards: classic comes back with digital twist

Tourists taking photo may be sending their real, printed postcards home

If you want to impress your friends this summer, a postcard in the regular mail will do the job. Either you go traditional and buy one, or you create and post your personal ones. This might be the first summer in ages when you get more post than you did last year. Continue reading

Evolution of the Networked Society: Try to run Twitter on this!

Poyan with a 500 Switch

Is this the start of the Networked Society? Let us go back some years in Core Network history and we will find a very old network solution. It was called the switchboard operator. Continue reading

Peter’s passionate predictions: More multiscreen momentum

It used to be simple: a TV screen, a data screen and a phone screen. Now all screens are video screens in different sizes and we move seamlessly between them. Get the picture with Peter’s latest passionate prediction.