From smart meter to smart grid – looking at real world examples


My previous post talked about the increasing penetration of smart meters around the world and explored a few ways in which we can use the data coming out of them. But it isn’t just meters that are getting smarter. The entire energy backbone and energy distribution network in many countries is being instrumented and is starting to send back large quantities of real-time operational data. Continue reading

Skip sign-on and slow surfing – carry your network and privacy with you


Frequent travelers have gotten used to relying on WiFi access for at least a portion of their professional and private data needs. In most cases this is driven by the fact that WiFi-only devices are starting to play a key role in our connected lives. So what are the options for travelers who have growing concerns over network performance and privacy issues? Continue reading

Come along for the ride – the transformation of last mile logistics


When people talk about transportation in the Networked Society, the focus is often on managing transport flows better or making it more comfortable or profitable.

But what about reducing transportation? And I’m not just talking about more telecommuting. What about taking that next big step beyond 2020? Continue reading

How can we best use smart meter data? Creative solutions are starting to emerge.


By 2020 it is estimated that over 800 million smart utility meters will have been deployed in buildings around the world. China is expected to lead the pack with over 400 million smart meters. The United States will follow with around 120-130 million smart meters and the European Union, driven by commitments from 16 member countries, won’t be far behind. Japan and Australia are also early adopters, and India and Brazil will jump on the bandwagon soon. It’s clear from these statistics that over the next few years smart meter penetration around the world will grow rapidly. Continue reading

170 million taxi rides gives you a lot of data to rethink urban mobility


The digital revolution is rapidly changing the way we work, live, move and communicate.

Everything will soon be digitally connected to everything else. And taxis are one example of how a connected business gives a good picture of the total business in a certain place. Continue reading

Exponentially extend your mobile enterprise experience


WiFi has long been considered the entire universe of wireless indoor data communication for enterprises. Continue reading

Will you master the core competency of the 21st century?


In my previous post, called “Introducing a policy toolkit for the Networked Society,” I introduced Ericsson’s contribution to assisting policy makers in their transformative journey towards the Networked Society. Continue reading

Inside the building where Apple torments the Networked Society.


Did you know that Apple tormented 30,000 iPhone 6´s before they released the phone? You have probably heard about it. Some weeks ago, there was a lot of news about the new iPhone 6. It was bendable. Continue reading

Capturing the evolution of utilities in the Networked Society


The term “utilities” often evokes images of decades-old power transmission lines and rusty water pipes. They are something most of us don’t give too much thought to and definitely not something we speak about at parties. However, I believe all that is about change. If you look behind the scenes of utility companies around the world today, you can see a vast amount of new, innovative ideas taking shape. Continue reading

The value of the right information in the fight against Ebola

African Lady on the Phone_frontend_web

For those of us who have a smartphone and have access to the internet 24/7, with all the information that is out there and all the possibilities that it gives us, we tend to take the benefits for granted after a while. Continue reading