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Networked Society and cloud – not business as usual

Editor’s note: The following is a three-minute presentation by Networked Society evangelist Geoff Hollingworth on cloud and industrializing digital infrastructure in the Networked Society: Continue reading

Whose side are you on in the Networked Society?


I heard a comment that stopped me in my tracks the other day. In a review of the Cannes film festival, critic John Powers said that his moviegoing experience had forever changed thanks to social media.

He said: “When people come out (of the theater), everybody has to have their tweet ready, or their comment ready. They’ve already girded their loins in order to argue some position.” Continue reading

Cloud center conundrum coming – where will operator cloud centers play-in?

tower crane next to building_3

As part of the mobile, broadband and cloud-driven evolution, operators face the challenge of defining the role in the market for their cloud data centers. Deploying a cloud for their own IT operations and for hosting Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) is a given. The real action is around the public cloud opportunity serving enterprises. Operators are entering a cloud market that is defined at global and local level, but with large untapped enterprise potential. Continue reading

Go big, go digital – preparing for the Networked Society in the Philippines


In a recent news item in one of the leading newspapers here in the Philippines, the head of one of the largest operators in the country talked about “taking significant steps to ensure that we are ready and prepared for the digital future.” I counted how many times the word “digital” appeared in that news item: 9 times in an article that only had 11 paragraphs. Continue reading

Reflecting on the transformation of public transportation at UITP 2015


It’s the middle of June and summer is in full swing in many parts of the northern hemisphere. It’s time for another interview with some of my interesting colleagues. This time I’m speaking with Sander Maas (on the left) and Tim Wouda (on the right), who reported in from the UITP (Union International des Transports Publics) World Congress in Milan, Italy – the largest event on the calendar for anyone interested in public transportation. Continue reading

From Silicon Valley to Stockholm: hunting for unicorns


Confession time: When I was a kid, I was really into unicorns. I was into fantasy overall, but unicorns had a special place in my awkward pre-teen heart.

I didn’t imagine that, years later, I would be hunting for them … Continue reading

From trains to cognitive theory – why automation is key to the Networked Society

Ericsson Studio demo automation model train knowledge management

So, how much attention did you pay to everything you did that led to you reading this blog today? The work that was needed only to open the computer, tablet or phone, press the power button, open the web browser, and click on links to get to this place? Or did you think about everything you needed to do to get to work this morning, or if you are a student, to school? How you woke up, made your bed, opened the fridge, made your coffee, got dressed? Can you see all the details? Or did it go by without you thinking much about it? Continue reading

Will your financial data be safe in the Networked Society? It will have to be.

financial services Networked Society data privacy security_IPR_8_frontend_ppt

Do you find that there is always too much month left at the end of your salary? It happens to most people, at least once. Unless you have absolute control over your spending, there is a risk that the last few days before your next paycheck arrives, your options for dinner will be noodles and tea for a few days.

I might be exaggerating a little, but how do you keep track of your spending? Continue reading

Enhancing the user experience: OTT content in the multiscreen age


Editor’s note: Today we are happy to feature a post from Ericsson’s Time to Play blog by Colin Morrison, Vice President of Global Sales Operations for Ericsson’s TV and media business:

Consumers have always been drawn toward compelling content, but only since the advent of over-the-top (OTT) services have they been able to sit down and ‘binge’ at their leisure. As Jackson McHenry of Entertainment Weekly said in 2014: “Binge watching is an epidemic, one not limited to college campuses or even high schoolers experimenting for the first time. People everywhere with real careers, mortgages and grown up lives have been afflicted.” Continue reading

Platforms in the Networked Society – economics and scale


Today most business offerings consist of a product or service that a company creates and then delivers to customers. This is the traditional way – produce and deliver. The platform model is fundamentally different, serving as the technological base upon which customers, developers, businesses and their partners can build added value through increased participation. Continue reading