Don’t go with the flow

Digital disruptors

Business organizations are becoming more like people: social organisms that learn as much from borrowing ideas as by experimenting with their own. In a newly released report, we borrow a few thoughts from business leaders to learn what new strategies are rising to the surface and changing the course of business in the digital age. Continue reading

Your top customers can tell you a lot about the user experience


With mobile-first strategies in place, companies pay a lot of attention to the user experience of their mobile apps. So what is taking place behind the scenes to secure that your experience is as smooth as possible? A good starting point for improving the user experience is to engage with your best customers in an authentic environment. Continue reading

Powerful performance will drive plenty of profits


Making real performance improvements in the network is an ever-more-important issue on operators’ agendas. This is being driven by three strong trends in the market: word-of-mouth marketing, the growing importance of Net Promoter Score and user selection criteria for mobile services. As a result, we are entering an era with clearer correlations between real performance and profit margins, one in which you don’t want to be left behind. Continue reading

The benefits of big data and medicine will far outweigh the downsides

Big data and healthcare

Health and the management of health has been a human battle since the beginning of time. It has always been limited by the lack of real knowledge of the causes underlying the visible symptoms. The history of “God Bless You” when you sneeze came from sneezing being the first visible symptom of the plague and our powerlessness of being able to do anything about it other than to offer our prayers to God towards others. We had no understanding of how an individual body worked. Brutal surgical treatments were handled by barbers for the simple reason that they were the ones who had the sharpest knives. The traditional barbers pole of red and white stripes is historically a representation of bloody bandages wrapped around a pole. Continue reading

What can open data do for your city?

Open data for cities

Recently I was in Stockholm City Hall attending the mayor’s launch of the second Open Stockholm Award, an open-data competition arranged by the City of Stockholm. For a Swede, it’s extra special to visit the site of the Nobel festivities but on this occasion people were dressed in regular business attire. There wasn’t a single formal gown to admire in the entire Golden Hall. I’ll have to come back some other time for the real deal. Continue reading

A policy makers’ guide to the forces behind the Networked Society

Forces behind the Networked Society

In my previous blog I wrote about the political economy of ICT-enabled societal transformation and the vital role that policy makers play in maximizing socio-economic benefits. I also promised to share my insights on how the Networked Society is reshaping basic value-creating conditions and how this will change our society (by changing peoples’, businesses’ and the public sectors’ behaviors) for the better. Continue reading

Forty-eight hours with Google Glass

Google glasses

Recently I ran into my colleague, Poyan Sandnell, who’d just become owner of the latest wearable technology from Google. It was like talking to someone from the future so I decided it’s time for a guest blogger who could share their real experiences in the Networked Society. So now, over to Poyan:

Hi, I’m Poyan – proud owner of a pair of Google Glass wearables… Continue reading

What would it take to double network revenues?

Network revenues

The first 20 years of mobile and internet evolution was characterized by innovating for users, but this ‘smartphonification’ is rapidly approaching saturation in developed markets. However, the current growth wave is different. It is being driven by a mobile and cloud-centric evolution in which the pace of innovation is accelerating with businesses in focus. The question now is: how large can this transformation be? Continue reading

A big mix of ideas challenges cities to rethink

New Cities Foundation members meeting

To truly transform, cities need to work closely with both public and private companies, as well as academic institutions and citizens. A broad ecosystem of different entities needs to come together to solve the challenges of urban areas. Continue reading

It’s time for CIO’s to step up to the leadership challenge

The changing role of the CIO

The CIO is Mr/Mrs. eTOM, the Business Process Framework published by the Telecom Management Forum, for the telecommunications industry. And Mr/Mrs. ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework for best practices in information technology. The CIO is also responsible for implementing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Customer Resource Management (CRM) and the OSS/BSS stack. In short, the CIO is the provider of IT systems management. Continue reading