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Virtual storefronts – impulse buyers beware

Between working, commuting and being a mom, time is one of those things that I never have enough of. Whether I’m running to the grocery store after work to pick up dinner, or having to buy clothes for myself or the kids, I am always in a rush.
But the concept of pop-up virtual storefronts has [...]

Device diversification: beyond the TV, phone, tablet and PC

As a communications industry veteran who works at the forefront of foresighting it’s not a surprise that I own 28 digital devices and am likely to be one of the most advanced device users in the world. But I’ll tell you what is remarkable, and that is that the gap between the devices my sister [...]

Wireless medicine – a connected friend when life gets tough

Soon enough, many of us will have to ask ourselves: Would I accept a microchip permanently implanted in my body? In our On the Brink film from November 2011, we discussed the effect technology will have on medicine, and concluded that with the help of technology we’ll probably live longer and healthier lives.

The origin and future of the Networked Society

Over the past few years I have seen Ericsson’s vision of the Networked Society evolve, creating opportunities that benefit the way we live, work and play. But where did the concept of the Networked Society come from? How can the journey be quantified? What future predictions can be made?

How will being connected to everything and everyone change your life?

In this video, visitors to Mobile World Congress 2012 share their thoughts on what always being connected means to them and how it is changing their world.

Enhancing the consumer experience – what more do you want?

Reading the latest Ericsson ConsumerLab report, Optimal Consumer Experience, made me laugh as I recalled the very funny YouTube clip Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy. Is there a limit to our expectations as consumers? Is it in our nature as human beings to always be seeking and demanding more? Will we ever be content? No, [...]

I am in love with the Social Web of Things

I am somewhat addicted to following trends in user behavior, and use it as a foundation when making my own decisions. I get all warm inside when I see a product that challenges current standards and brings about new ways of looking at the way we interact with people, things or services.

Beating a digital path to your door

Small retailers have never had it easy, but the struggle of so-called “mom and pop” businesses has been particularly painful to watch in the last 15 years. Many would blame online shopping. But the mobile Web is beginning to emerge as a tool to stimulate business for traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Mobile robot offers untold telepresence possibilities

I saw my first real telepresence robot today. I’ve only read about them and seen videos, and then I was sitting in a session this afternoon at La Fira, where one of the presenters, Erik Kruse from Ericsson (who blogs frequently on this site), introduced the audience to the VGo model.

Technology in a teacup

I just heard another person talking about the iPot (note to editor, that’s not a typo) here at La Fira. So I had to look it up.