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Why in-game communication will connect the world

I’ve been a gamer since my brother brought home one of the first cartridge games to play on his VIC 20 in the early 80s. Having kids transformed me into more of a casual console sports gamer, but pre-fatherhood, I could spend days, evenings and nights playing Battlefield 2, mostly working on my helicopter riding skills.
Back [...]

The doctor is in (the cloud)

Doctors typically are careful about what they say over the phone to their patients – they generally like to see you face-to-face. So when they say something like, “You need to come in right away,” you may be well into something that started while you weren’t paying attention. One of mobile health’s main appeals to [...]

‘Global gridlock’ and the mobile solution

Traffic congestion in major cities is taken as a given – one of the necessary evils of modern life. But in less than 50 years, congestion could rise to the level of what one American auto executive calls “a human rights issue.”

No place like home

I’ve only been in Barcelona for two days and I’m already homesick, so I started my morning at the GSMA Connected Home exhibit here at La Fira. Connecting household devices isn’t exactly a new idea, but what is showing some promise is that a lot of the exhibitors are trying to connect consumers to the [...]

Electric cars that can communicate intelligently – yes please!

In 2010, Sweden set itself a very ambitious goal: to become the first oil-free economy by 2020.
While Sweden is still far from achieving this goal, progress is being made. A great example of this is the innovative research project called ELVIIS. ELVIIS – or Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure – aims to use mobile connectivity [...]

Defining the redefining of mobile

The sun set on Barcelona a couple of hours ago and hundreds of workers continue to labor through the night, setting up exhibits here at La Fira. The Mobile World Congress starts tomorrow morning, with the theme, “Redefining Mobile.”

Getting the picture at MWC 2012

Flocks of bloggers descend on Barcelona this weekend to cover the annual GSMA Mobile World Congress, which starts on Monday, February 27. I’m one of them; I’ll be blogging live from the event. And as I pack my bags, I’ll venture a few predictions.

Thinking Cities: ICT is changing the game

In the latest Networked Society film, I discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the 21st century city together with various leading city-thinkers. We also discuss how ICT is helping achieve sustainable solutions.

The apps that could save your life

Last year, there were floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and bushfires, and many people most probably found themselves in situations where they were lost, scared and ill informed. Imagine if they had had a rescue or emergency app that could have helped them in their time of need?

WebRTC: The democratization of the communications industry

Do you remember a time before web pages? To do anything in IT you had to be a boffin professional with special access. Then along came the web and everybody’s child could put up a website. If you see that as the democratization of the IT industry, WebRTC is the democratization of the communications industry.