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How Formula 1 helps predict the future of the mobile enterprise

Peter Linder blogs about what can we learn from the evolution of Formula 1 engines when predicting the future of mobile enterprise access.

When all our objects talk, what will they say?

Erik Kruse blogs about a new, in depth look into how datafication is transforming the core functions of a wide range of industries.

Where will we store all this user-generated content?

Peter Linder blogs about his dependency on cloud storage solutions and the challenge of single-digit storage caps.

Keep on trucking: future trends in transport

Changing consumer behaviors and trends such as e commerce are transforming the requirements in the transport industry. Peter Linder shares his predictions for networked goods delivery.

With e-commerce, retailers must rethink

Ulrika shares her views on how changing shopping habits are placing new demands on the retail logistics chain.

We are in the midst of transformation

At 7 am it was already a long line outside the main entrance of this year’s Mobile World Congress. Despite the spring feeling Barcelona had given us the day before, it was clear that people were starting to feel a bit chilly. They had been there for a while already. Finally the doors were open, [...]

From MWC, innovations that will transform our society

At MWC 2014 we see how we are entering a more practical phase in the evolution towards a Networked Society – with connected wristbands and even smarter phones for our day-to-day life – as well as initiatives that have the potential to change society as a whole.

Finding your productivity sweet spot – at home and at work

For many people, the latte-paced economy is a reality. Managing a work-life balance today is about combining work at home and in the office. And as the workforce becomes even more mobile, this model will change even further. So what can we learn from global road warriors who fly more often than they take the [...]

Living in a working environment: what does the future hold?

The office as a concept did not exist before there was need for big companies to orchestrate mass production after the inventions of the industrial revolution. Like all concepts they always live long after the reasons they came to be have disappeared.

How fast is our world becoming obsolete?

Nowadays change doesn’t occur over a lifetime or even over years but rather months. Today if you complete a computer science degree, what you learned in your first year of study is obsolete by year 3. And this is not only a problem for individuals but for business too.