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Smartphones do not make us anti-social

So… let’s get past the idea that cell phones make people antisocial. When you’re alone in a crowd of strangers, there’s nothing wrong with exploring your online world online and making connections that weren’t possible before. That’s what the Networked Society is all about.

Cooperative transport systems – the next step in transport transformation – part 2

We will see cooperative systems with vehicle-to-vehicle communication to prevent accidents by sensing each other. There will be systems for adjusting traffic flows and prices in real-time, depending on the situation and demand. We will see smart cooperation between all means of transportation where commuters can plan, travel and pay seamlessly across public and private transportation services.

Cooperative transport systems – the next step in transport transformation

Connectivity is being embedded throughout the transport infrastructure in vehicles, roads, parking spaces, traffic controlling system and the whole logistical chain changing the role of nearly every player in the industry. Connectivity is the starting point, and the next thing that will come is cooperation between all these assets, between vehicles, transport infrastructure, users, service providers and operators.

Finding your way in Dhaka at the dawn of the Networked Society

I leave knowing that the city I’ve seen will be very different from the city that it will be a few years from now. Like Ayu’s kids, Bangladesh seems destined for success, its citizens poised to enjoy all the benefits that connectivity and technology will bring to their country in the Networked Society.

Are we shaping smartphones or are they shaping us?

In my last post, I wrote about two-way flexibility – about people trying to understand the new norms and rules in the changing landscape of work and leisure. In this post, I want to continue that discussion further and look into what issues arise as the private and personal spheres merge.

Risk management at the frontline of the new economy

In the Networked Society it is essential to understand the paradigm shift that everything in the digital economy is a data object and can be given attribution and integrity through signing at scale.

Are we entering an age of ‘living in the clouds’?

A few days ago, a colleague brought a 3D printer that he had built by himself into the office. As one would expect, it generated quite a stir, with everyone crowding around and watching it magically print out 3D objects right in front of us.

Look on the bright side – changing behaviors to improve the environment

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore the things that are right there in front of you to see: our forests, our lakes, our animals, and indeed the entire natural environment around us. It’s harder to ignore them however when you think that we may be ruining them with each day that passes. But our consciousness about [...]

Introducing the sharing economy – courtesy of the Networked Society

You might have heard the term “sharing economy.” It’s all over the news these days, for both good and not-so-good reasons. Wikipedia defines the sharing economy as “an economic system built around the sharing of human and physical assets.” You may have also heard of companies such as Airbnb and Uber, and even used their [...]

We want the physical world to mimic the internet

Our expectation that everyday places and objects will be connected and interactive will drive consumer demand for a rapidly expanding internet of things.