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Technology in a teacup

I just heard another person talking about the iPot (note to editor, that’s not a typo) here at La Fira. So I had to look it up.

Why in-game communication will connect the world

I’ve been a gamer since my brother brought home one of the first cartridge games to play on his VIC 20 in the early 80s. Having kids transformed me into more of a casual console sports gamer, but pre-fatherhood, I could spend days, evenings and nights playing Battlefield 2, mostly working on my helicopter riding skills.
Back [...]

A smartphone in every hand

If, to paraphrase Google’s Eric Schmidt, the internet is a collective consciousness, wouldn’t it be amazing to have 5 billion more people connected to this digital community? Why deny ourselves the benefit of bringing the majority of the planet’s people into the information age?

This web is your web

Next time you meet a web or app developer, give him some respect. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, wants you to know that they are doing more than just writing code.

The doctor is in (the cloud)

Doctors typically are careful about what they say over the phone to their patients – they generally like to see you face-to-face. So when they say something like, “You need to come in right away,” you may be well into something that started while you weren’t paying attention. One of mobile health’s main appeals to [...]

‘Global gridlock’ and the mobile solution

Traffic congestion in major cities is taken as a given – one of the necessary evils of modern life. But in less than 50 years, congestion could rise to the level of what one American auto executive calls “a human rights issue.”

No place like home

I’ve only been in Barcelona for two days and I’m already homesick, so I started my morning at the GSMA Connected Home exhibit here at La Fira. Connecting household devices isn’t exactly a new idea, but what is showing some promise is that a lot of the exhibitors are trying to connect consumers to the [...]

Defining the redefining of mobile

The sun set on Barcelona a couple of hours ago and hundreds of workers continue to labor through the night, setting up exhibits here at La Fira. The Mobile World Congress starts tomorrow morning, with the theme, “Redefining Mobile.”

ICT at school needs more than cheap laptops

Universal access to the web is without a doubt helping in the education of millions of children around the globe. Students from all continents are experimenting with a range of interactive learning tools, from mobile phones, to interactive blackboards, to netbooks and tablets. But just imagine the potential if these ICT tools could be deployed [...]

Cash is no longer king

Money in its physical form, in other words coins and notes, has played an important role in society for centuries. But today, society is becoming more and more “cash less”. And while consumers choose to use debit and credit cards, and mobile money services to complete their monetary transactions, they are not the ones leading [...]