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Cash is no longer king

Money in its physical form, in other words coins and notes, has played an important role in society for centuries. But today, society is becoming more and more “cash less”. And while consumers choose to use debit and credit cards, and mobile money services to complete their monetary transactions, they are not the ones leading [...]

The future is hands free

During CES 2012 I met up with Jeffrey.S. Jacobson from nano semiconductor company, Kopin. Jeffrey let me try out Golden-i, the Remote Video Expertise demonstrated by Verizon Wireless and Kopin at this year’s event. The latest technology will enable us to connect to the Networked Society more efficiently using voice.

Hans Vestberg’s keynote at CES

The Networked Society premiered in the context of gadgets at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.  I look back at Hans Vestberg’s keynote and flash on highlights, plus have a question for you.

Reconnecting family

What better way to start the new year than being reminded about the possibilities that arise when initiatives that address some of the world’s most urgent challenges make the most of technology?

Consuming the web on screens of all sizes

The web is the web – even though we consume it on devices of varying screen sizes.

What was the best application of 2011?

What was the best application of 2011? It’s not an easy question. What makes something “best”? Does it have to change the world, or at least someone’s life? What if it just keeps a six-year-old entertained for 30 minutes?

Get connected this Christmas

The holiday season is upon us. Have you noticed any changes your behavior this year?

AR and the future of shopping

With Augmented Reality (AR), Christmas shopping in the future just might become more interesting. For some shoppers in the UK, it already is.

Everyday apps keep us in the cloud

ConsumerLab studies show that smartphone users are spending a considerable amount of time on using ‘everyday’ apps and, in the process, integrating internet use into a more mundane level of their lives than ever before.

How close are you and your phone?

People tend to have a very intimate relationship with their phones, particularly their smartphones. It’s the first thing a lot of us touch when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we look at before we go to sleep at night.