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The first mobile phone on wheels


Extra network muscle needed for connected vacationers

*+-For power users of e-mail and social media, vacation might be a time to consider some digital detox as outlined an earlier blog post. The reverse can also happen as it did in a few communities of vacation homes where the mobile networks choked from a substantial increase of use.

Versatile videography: shooting in slo-mo and 4K

*+- Pictures and social media posts have ruled the documentation of our vacation trips but you might want to get ready to step back into your camcorder shoes and become a 4K videographer.

Peter’s passionate predictions: a fantastic 4K future


Where will we store all this user-generated content?

*+-Peter Linder blogs about his dependency on cloud storage solutions and the challenge of single-digit storage caps.

It’s all about the consumer market. Or is it?


How fast is our world becoming obsolete?

*+-Nowadays change doesn’t occur over a lifetime or even over years but rather months. Today if you complete a computer science degree, what you learned in your first year of study is obsolete by year 3. And this is not only a problem for individuals but for business too.

Getting to grips with video traffic

*+-The video traffic will be driven by three types of video – consumption, creation and communication and managing this traffic is an essential factor to successfully addressing the quickly growing video-services market.

More personal stories from the new media landscape


Tips for digital detox

*+-Are you among the users dependent on four or five networked devices on a daily basis? These devices provide endless opportunities and can also create addictive behaviors. Nevertheless, some of us might benefit from a bit of digital detox.