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Putting airlines and banks on notice in the Networked Society

ll I can think about is: Why aren’t the bags connected? It seems that the Internet of Things has managed to skip over the airline baggage industry. When you send a package via the US Postal Service or UPS, you get a tracking number and you can watch your package as it moves from warehouse to airplane to another warehouse to a truck coming to your door. Fantastic.

What are policy makers doing to make the Networked Society a reality?

In particular, we see that countries in the earlier stages of ICT development have a greater focus on supply side initiatives, building network infrastructures and encouraging widespread internet usage. Countries in later stages of ICT development focus more on demand side measures and embedding ICT into the national society and economy.

Why Grandma needs to get connected

As reported in a ConsumerLab report, 31 percent of 65 to75-year-olds own a smartphone or a tablet, devices that have proven so much more accessible than computers and email systems of the past.

Why is it so important to not leave the older generation behind digitally? Well, in 2000, for the first time in history, there were more people in the world aged 60 or over than there were children below the age of 5. Since that turning point, in less than 15 years, the average global life expectancy has increased by another six years.

Smart citizens make smart cities

As we look towards this increasingly urbanized society, there is a lot of talk about smart cities being the answer. But how do we build these smart cities? Do we need to form government committees, public private partnerships, and fund PR campaigns? Maybe, but it turns out that the biggest driver of the smart city is a lot closer to home: it’s you, the smart citizen.

A bionic bar makes for better blends – a quantum-leap forward in mixology

Bartending and mixology made a quantum leap forward when the world’s first bionic bar was launched on a cruise ship earlier this month. Are you ready to start ordering your drinks from your phone and have them delivered by a robot, or are you an old-fashioned fan?

Connected animals can help us protect endangered species

The journeys of the endangered Atlantic loggerhead turtles are among the longest in the animal kingdom, and they have largely remained a mystery until now. An international team of scientists led by Brendan Godley of the University of Exeter has uncovered the migratory secrets of the loggerhead turtles in West Africa, and the results could have huge implications for developing strategies to protect them.

Cooperative transport systems – the next step in transport transformation – part 2

We will see cooperative systems with vehicle-to-vehicle communication to prevent accidents by sensing each other. There will be systems for adjusting traffic flows and prices in real-time, depending on the situation and demand. We will see smart cooperation between all means of transportation where commuters can plan, travel and pay seamlessly across public and private transportation services.

Cooperative transport systems – the next step in transport transformation

Connectivity is being embedded throughout the transport infrastructure in vehicles, roads, parking spaces, traffic controlling system and the whole logistical chain changing the role of nearly every player in the industry. Connectivity is the starting point, and the next thing that will come is cooperation between all these assets, between vehicles, transport infrastructure, users, service providers and operators.

An emerging trend in emerging markets – the Networked Society City Index 2014

Although we can see a clear global trend towards improved ICT maturity, we found that cities with low ICT maturity tend to advance faster than cities with high ICT maturity, indicating a strong catch-up effect. Although starting at a low level, they are progressing in all ICT dimensions of the index: ICT infrastructure, ICT affordability and also improving the usage of ICT by people, business and society.

I’m proud to be changing the world

What a great opportunity to take responsibility for the future and watch it grow. So what do I say when people ask about my job? I say that I’m proud to be working in an industry that is connecting every square meter of our world. I say that I’m proud to be working in an industry that launched 3G and will lead the charge from 4G to the possibilities of 5G. I say that I’m proud to be working to make the Networked Society a reality.