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Stop treating symptoms and start curing diseases

*+-The debate about copyright enforcement has reached a watershed. In this blog, Rene Summer argues that graduated responses can no longer be done on efficiency grounds without at the same time being intellectually dishonest.

ICT in cities makes good business sense

*+-A well-functioning infrastructure is crucial for making modern urban life possible and ICT is an important part of that infrastructure. ICT increases interaction between people, creates new business opportunities, stimulates business development and contributes to economic growth.

Shopping just the start in tomorrow’s in-line world


A smartphone is a girl’s best friend

*+-It’s International Women’s Day and I’m thinking about how the opportunities brought by our industry – or more specifically by broadband, mobility, and the cloud – are essential for women globally, for helping to facilitate their daily lives and for development and innovation within their communities.

A hodgepodge of happenings and a little Swedish pride


Mobile World Congress, it’s like heading to summer camp

*+-Today I’ve spent the whole day rehearsing and preparing for Mobile World Congress, where 67,000 professionals get together in Barcelona every year.

Tide is turning: Copyright to support growth in the digital era


Infrastructure platform means prime performance

*+-When it comes to the success of an app, optimal performance translates into real top-line growth for any application provider. The infrastructure platform is there to provide such performance.

Is a connected commute a more pleasant one?


Small cell deployments: global urban use-cases uncovered