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Time to go back to school

It’s August, and for many children that means back-to-school time is already here or just around the corner. Kids all over are preparing for the year to come – and some are looking forward to it with excitement, some with anxiety.

How can your company ensure a successful business transformation?

In my most recent post, I wrote about the way that the digital transformation of businesses around the world has had a disruptive effect on the market.
Leaders of major companies are being challenged as the physical business-fulfillment model that has been the norm for more than 200 years is replaced with its digital offspring.

Dematerialization – the future of business

Of all of the insights listed in the discussion paper Changing the Game Before the Game Changes You, the digital transformation of businesses around the world is the most disruptive. It is also the most important for companies to understand because of the impact it is having on most industries and the way leaders run [...]

Redesigning how society works, plays and lives

It has been said that more will change in the next 10 years than in the previous 100. It sounds daunting, doesn’t it? That’s why, in collaboration with Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of cloud infrastructure company Joyent, I have put together a discussion paper called Changing the Game Before the Game Changes You.

Digital. Global. Action – Social Good Summit 2012

We have been supporting Technology for Good and the use of social media to spread the word on the importance of sustainability issues for some time now and we continue to develop new opportunities for engagement. One of the greatest engagement platforms is the Social Good Summit. We are pleased to partner again this year [...]

Smartphones help spectators share spontaneous moments

Our kids don’t understand why we brought lighters to concerts or how we shared the experiences from live events with our friends. What they do know is that the smartphone is an enabler for sharing all of their experiences, and events, whether they’re local or global.  This year, the Olympics will be a true networked [...]

Healthy apps: Olympics for everyone

People will be glued to their TV screens this week as they watch the opening of the Olympic Games in London, cheering their countries as they compete for gold.


Why most people miss the role of the world’s largest machine when predicting the future.

We need a new approach to network transformation

When do legacy 20th-century network elements stop being an asset?

Profiling the producers in the open marketplace

Lately, I have written a number of posts about creative individuals whose product, talent and service innovations are turning the traditional market logic upside down. Previously, homegrown innovators and artists never reached beyond their friends and family. Today, however, they are competing with corporation heavyweights and entertainment superstars by simply being recommended and pushed forward [...]