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Winning with partners

To enable greater collaboration, global and local regulations need to be aligned so that partnering players of the eco-chain can actually provide a seamless service.

We are in the midst of transformation

From MWC, innovations that will transform our society

At MWC 2014 we see how we are entering a more practical phase in the evolution towards a Networked Society – with connected wristbands and even smarter phones for our day-to-day life – as well as initiatives that have the potential to change society as a whole.

Mobile World Congress: the greatest show on Earth

It’s working life, Jim, but not as we know it

Asian mobile app adoption gallops on

There’s little doubt that the Networked Society is in full force in Asia, and driving innovation for mobile apps. Mobile data networks will be hard pressed to keep up and new solutions will need to be introduced for better app coverage in the year of the galloping horse.

How fast is our world becoming obsolete?

Nowadays change doesn’t occur over a lifetime or even over years but rather months. Today if you complete a computer science degree, what you learned in your first year of study is obsolete by year 3. And this is not only a problem for individuals but for business too.

Why is Stockholm the best city in the world?

At the top of the list comparing 31 cities around the world on aspects of ICT maturity, economy, social development and environmental progress is Stockholm, capital of Sweden, followed closely by London, Singapore and Paris. These are the top-ranking cities in the Networked Society City Index a valuable asset for analyzing the correlation between triple bottom line performance and ICT maturity in cities.

Smartphones lend a helping hand to city homeless

What is defining next-generation working life?