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How telcos will achieve growth in the Networked Society

From operating models and value chains to innovation and alliances, technologies such as broadband, mobility, and the cloud are transforming the business landscape for telcos.

Is a connected commute a more pleasant one?

The inefficiency of people’s daily commute regularly features as one of the major issues facing cities worldwide. Traffic congestion and commuting inefficiencies not only cause environmental, social and economic problems; on a personal level it is also one of the most unpleasant urban experiences and a key source of stress.

The future of shopping: an In-Liner’s view

I must admit that when I first saw the headline “In-Line Shopping” on the latest ConsumerLab report, I thought of Rollerblades and assumed they were back in fashion. After reading the report I realized it was about something completely different. In-Liners mix traditional in-store shopping and online shopping without even thinking about it – [...]

Shared mobility in Paris

Would you give up your car and instead subscribe to a car sharing service? I got this question a few months ago from a friend living in Paris. My initial reaction was no. I like the fact that my car is my own and that it is accessible where, and when, I want it. But [...]

Disruptively building a better business within the Networked Society

Economists, strategists and visionaries are calling for capitalism to be redefined for the 21st century. They are demanding capitalism that creates fair societal ties; capitalism that no longer divides, exploits and creates economic disasters. The open-ended consumption model we have today is no longer sustainable. Fortunately, the change has already started; let me introduce to [...]

Privacy in the Networked Society

Data-protection principles for the digital remaking of society

Networked marketing signals the end of the paper trail

Householders’ physical mailboxes still receive large volumes of mass-marketing material. However, as mobile and online marketing rapidly develops, the value of the paper pushed into the mailbox comes in to question.

Mobility an integral part of our future

As the Networked Society continues to take shape, we see that mobility is becoming more and more an integral part of our future. The uptake of smartphones and tablets, as well as improved mobile network quality means that the internet is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, whether we are accessing it for business [...]

Ericsson Business Innovation Forum in Brazil

I’m at the Business Innovation Forum in São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil is a country in which the information and communication technology (ICT) industry is bringing about rapid changes, and everything from busses to schools have been connected to mobile broadband networks to improve citizens’ quality of life. And with the country set to host the [...]

Redefining the economic value

In recent years, big business has caused a number of social, environmental and economic problems. We have seen its effects on health-care systems, the environment, the mortgage crisis and so on. Profit maximization by companies has often been perceived as positive, but there is an increasing belief that this profit is made at the expense [...]