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Blue Ocean Strategy in the Networked Society

Blue Ocean Strategy is about the requirements for strategic success, it’s about transforming, rebuilding and creating new markets. So why not apply it to telcos within the Networked Society?

A smartphone is a girl’s best friend

It’s International Women’s Day and I’m thinking about how the opportunities brought by our industry – or more specifically by broadband, mobility, and the cloud – are essential for women globally, for helping to facilitate their daily lives and for development and innovation within their communities.

Relentless hustle and bustle…

How will we take the best from Mobile World Congress 2013 and whittle it down into a 30-minute direct presentation? The news releases, the presentations from others in the industry, the meetings, the imagery, the people all around us. The “buzz.” Perhaps I can start with a few reflections here, and see what sticks.

A hodgepodge of happenings and a little Swedish pride

And so it begins. Opening day of Mobile World Congress. 67,000 experts on mobility, technology, radio networks, chipsets, applications, network this, network that, and not to forget – marketing professionals – it’s an event on a gigantic scale.

Make creativity grow while going with the Flow

Could we connect devices and objects through mobile broadband network to deliver business and social benefits? And could we do this by tapping into data flows in mobile broadband networks?
I recently had an interesting discussion about these issues with Eva Sparr, Head of Marketing at our Business Unit Networks. Eva started talking about the ‘Flow’ [...]

Expectations on CES Super Session today

2nd day of Consumer Electronics Show, CES, in Las Vegas and our CEO Hans Vestberg will be in a Super Session panel lead by Techonomy’s founder and CEO David Kirkpatrick on “The New Networked Effect Changes Everything”.

CES 2013 kicks off: It’s about interaction!

The 2013 International CES kicks off today, and we’ll finally see if all the speculations about “it’s a different show” now are indeed true. Journalists writing advance pieces say it’s no longer about the gadgets. It’s about the interaction between people, software, and network. For Ericsson, that’s right up our alley.
And for us, there’s [...]

How telcos will achieve growth in the Networked Society

From operating models and value chains to innovation and alliances, technologies such as broadband, mobility, and the cloud are transforming the business landscape for telcos.

Is a connected commute a more pleasant one?

The inefficiency of people’s daily commute regularly features as one of the major issues facing cities worldwide. Traffic congestion and commuting inefficiencies not only cause environmental, social and economic problems; on a personal level it is also one of the most unpleasant urban experiences and a key source of stress.

The future of shopping: an In-Liner’s view

I must admit that when I first saw the headline “In-Line Shopping” on the latest ConsumerLab report, I thought of Rollerblades and assumed they were back in fashion. After reading the report I realized it was about something completely different. In-Liners mix traditional in-store shopping and online shopping without even thinking about it – [...]