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Redefining the economic value

In recent years, big business has caused a number of social, environmental and economic problems. We have seen its effects on health-care systems, the environment, the mortgage crisis and so on. Profit maximization by companies has often been perceived as positive, but there is an increasing belief that this profit is made at the expense [...]

Creative destruction, no thanks – transformation, yes please!

In the current economic situation, where most of the advanced economies are struggling in one way or another, the popularity of creative destruction in the area of policy making seems to be fading away. Some would say that it never caught on in some parts of the world, while others would say that creative destruction [...]

Dare to be disruptive

It is the second day of SIME Stockholm and “disruptive” is the word of the day. Put simply: in a Networked Society where everybody has constant access to knowledge and a “like/dislike” button, entrepreneurs, investors, larger companies and HR departments need to embrace a new way of thinking. And eventually find new ways of being [...]

Entrepreneurial thoughts at SIME Stockholm

Today and tomorrow, I’m taking part in SIME Stockholm, where a lot of interesting people have gathered – visionaries, thinkers, some of the best brains representing various industries, who have one thing in common: they believe that innovation is important. Many also share the belief that innovation today is closely linked to the development of [...]

It’s business time in the city

In the newly released Networked Society City Index report, produced in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics and Improvement Labs, we continue to explore the correlation between cities’ ICT maturity and their triple-bottom-line development.

Searching for Europe’s hottest digital cities

Which city will become Europe’s Silicon Valley? Is it Berlin, London, Paris? Perhaps Stockholm, Barcelona or Istanbul? Where do we find the most vital and vibrant local ecosystems, with clusters of startups, beginning to make themselves known to the world?

Individualized learning in the Networked Society

When I met Professor Stephen Heppell in London last month, he raised interesting ideas about measuring the learning process. He said that in the future, we will start to measure our learning in the same manner as many of us today have started to measure our health or our sports activities.

Smartphones support citizens inundated by superstorm Sandy

Smartphones and mobile broadband networks can’t protect us against natural disasters – like Hurricane Sandy, which battered the East Coast of the US on Monday night – but it can help prepare us, making citizens as informed as possible before, during and after a crisis situation. Here are a few innovative examples of how these [...]

Empowered learning – how ICT is reshaping our classrooms

All around the world, a lively debate is taking place on the subjects of learning and education. At the 2011 Networked Society Forum in Hong Kong, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes proclaimed that the textbook is dead. In a recent interview, Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University, Sugata Mitra says that we don’t need institutional [...]

Connected albums revitalize record launches

Long gone are the days when a record label would set a launch date, have the video played nonstop on MTV, and enjoy a clear path to record sales. The world changed irrevocably with digital video distribution and the advent of MP3 stores. So let’s see what we can learn about the future of mobile [...]