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Looking for the perfect parking spot?


The office is dead – long live the exchange place!


For ‘cityzens’, marketing starts before they see the shop


ICT is changing the way we live in cities


Collaboration and the cloud will improve companies’ competitiveness

*+-Business life in the city has developed around a strong service sector in a variety of enterprise segments. As the global market is reshaping the future of businesses in general, with advanced ecosystems and strong niche players, local city life will also change. So how does and will the cloud, collaboration and connectivity contribute toward creating competitive companies in cities?

Cities and cars – a love affair or a marriage gone bad?


When roaming the globe becomes as simple as being at home

*+-Most cities are dependent on a healthy flow of tourists exploiting what the city has to offer. Increasingly, networked tourists expect the same connectivity and access to location-based apps that they have at home.

The philosophy of being connected

*+-Access to information makes us independent but also brings us closer to the people and things we depend on to share their data so that we can complete our tasks. In a connected world, a new philosophy is spreading, and it is much larger than the technology itself.

Connectivity will change city life forever

*+-In this series of posts, I will discuss why the urban network is the single most important piece of infrastructure needed for economic growth in a city.

App-centric cities require a new mindset

*+-Providing good user experience is not a network issue alone, but will always involve a balancing act between networks, devices and apps.