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Smartphones help spectators share spontaneous moments

Our kids don’t understand why we brought lighters to concerts or how we shared the experiences from live events with our friends. What they do know is that the smartphone is an enabler for sharing all of their experiences, and events, whether they’re local or global.  This year, the Olympics will be a true networked [...]

Healthy apps: Olympics for everyone

People will be glued to their TV screens this week as they watch the opening of the Olympic Games in London, cheering their countries as they compete for gold.


Why most people miss the role of the world’s largest machine when predicting the future.

We need a new approach to network transformation

When do legacy 20th-century network elements stop being an asset?

Profiling the producers in the open marketplace

Lately, I have written a number of posts about creative individuals whose product, talent and service innovations are turning the traditional market logic upside down. Previously, homegrown innovators and artists never reached beyond their friends and family. Today, however, they are competing with corporation heavyweights and entertainment superstars by simply being recommended and pushed forward [...]

The rise of the network-driven economy

In a post I published last week, I wrote about the game changers – the innovative individuals who are creating their own products and services, and placing them online.

Shoot and share: photography in real time

The first 10 years of mass-market digital photography have gone well thanks to innovations in mobile phones, single-lens reflex (SLR) and point-and-shoot cameras. The classic Kodachrome film has been discontinued. What can we expect from networked photography going forward?

Changing the way business is being done

How can business and the public sector adapt to – and utilize – the power of creative people?
In the latest Ericsson Business Review, I wrote an article about the game changers – the creative and entrepreneurial individuals who are bringing their innovations to global social networks and letting the public access their ideas, participate in [...]

Could we become the world’s smartest cable?

We have been talking about Connected Me for a while now. Ever since Ericsson’s President and CEO Hans Vestberg presented Connected Me at the Consumer and Electronic Show in Vegas, the concept has been gaining interest.
The fact that information can be carried through the body via its natural properties is exciting. We were designed to [...]

Redefining touch: future connectivity in the palm of our hands

Connectivity and the Networked Society have enabled us to work, play and live simpler, more reliable lives.
Smartphones and mobile broadband have given us access to information and freedom that we have not previously experienced. This integrated simplicity is very important for the future: by offering the consumer an enhanced experience, life becomes richer.