Upcoming IoT Sthlm Meetup: Ethics & Technology


Just a pointer to an upcoming event hosted by us at the UX Lab and Ericsson. On January 29 a meetup on Ethics & Technology will be held at the Ericsson Studio here in Kista, Stockholm (follow the link to RSVP). As the title suggests, we’ll be talking about the ethical and moral aspects of creating new products and services for the [ Read more ]

A new year’s promise


It’s a new year and we are a little bit embarrassed over our blog activity in 2014. Last year it turned out that quite a lot of the work that we produced mattered quite a lot the rest of the organisation, something that made it a bit tricky for us to decide what we could share publicly. This was unfortunate and in order to do better we intend to approach [ Read more ]


162_frontend_ppt Rising a child is a complex task

Lately I’ve been studying complexity: complex systems in general, and management and operations thereof in particular. It’s a fairly all-encompassing subject that tends to easily shift over to rather abstract discussions. In this blog post I’ll try to stick to the core and bring up some of the aspects that we at the UX lab have been thinking of. These are aspects of [ Read more ]

5G as a Material — getting our heads around the systemic properties of future mobile networks

flickr_Grant Hutchinson_newandimproved

The notion that something new equals progression is profoundly embedded in our commercial culture. Improved is almost a synonym for new and we characterise a new version of just about anything as better, especially if it involves any kind of technology. In mobile wireless network systems ‘improved’ often means more; more speed, more capacity, more responsiveness, more frequencies etc., and unless technical abbreviations like WCDMA, LTE and HSPA are very [ Read more ]

UX positions at Ericsson Business Unit Support Solutions


Ericsson’s Business Unit Support Solutions (BUSS) has for a long time worked hard and successfully on the user experience of their systems and products. Now they are increasing their efforts in the UX area by opening a number of new UX positions in Sweden, USA, India and China. Any help with spreading this information is of course more than appreciated. Below is a list of some of the positions in [ Read more ]

Presentation: “A future with more _and_ less technology”

First slide of presentation On June 17 a workshop on the theme “Citizen driven e-administration” was held at the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications (http://www.government.se/sb/d/2067) here in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshop included participants from academia, industry, as well as representatives from various governmental departments and organisations. I was invited to present a brief overview of some of the technological and socio economic trends that we at the UX Lab [ Read more ]

Jambo UN-Habitat!


A few lines to announce that the collaboration with UN-Habitat now formally has started. The three-year partnership aims at combining UN-Habitat’s vast knowledge about urbanization in developing countries and framework around city prosperity with Ericsson’s vision of a networked society and thoughts around future mobile networks.

Along the way, we will combine overarching and more theoretical reasoning with concrete pilots, prototypes, concepts and sustainability assessments. [ Read more ]

Wanted: Creative explorist of the Networked Society.

epasuit (1)

This blogpost is actually an ad, which perhaps is a little offbeat, but it is a rare occasion; we have an open position at the UX Lab! We are looking for a person that can strengthen our ability to explore and visualize how our society will evolve in relation to ICT and how Ericsson as a company can seek opportunities moving forward. We are looking for you that have a [ Read more ]

MWC recap – Presenting an UX view of the future of mobile networks and systems


At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, we at the UX Lab presented the research concept “Remote Control over Mobile Networks” that we’ve been working on lately. In the following video, Marcus Gårdman of the UX Lab presents the core of the concept:

In four days we gave around 250 presentations to customers, partners, analysts, and media from all over the world. We [ Read more ]

Taking the idea for a walk


It has been a bit quiet here at the blog for a while, but, you know, blog-silence often means lot’s of things happening underneath the surface. This subsurface bustle, let’s just call it The Perpetual Corporate Reorganisation phenomenon, has resulted in a new “home” for the User Experience Lab. We are now part of a newly established department in Ericsson’s research organisation called “Management and Operation of Complex Systems”. (Earlier we [ Read more ]