Mobile Broadband

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With the right capabilities…

Mobile broadband is playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. It is changing the way we are entertained, educated, working and sharing information. It has the power to improve the quality of our lives.

Mobile broadband presents great opportunities for operators in both mature and new markets. To meet the ever-increasing user demands of the mobile broadband experience, networks need to be smart, simple, scalable and deliver superior performance.

The opportunities for growth are exceptional.


The need for speed

The need for speed

How Open Mobile, the fourth largest mobile communications operator in Puerto Rico, has carved out a market niche offering end users high-quality communications with no contracts or hidden fees.

Ericsson and SK Telecom take LTE-Advanced to the next level

Keeping Smartphone users loyal

Ericsson and SK Telecom have successfully demonstrated the next step of LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation of 20MHz in the 1800MHz band and 10MHz in the 850MHz band for data speeds up to 225Mbps on commercially released software.

Swisscom, Switzerland: Free to roam

Swisscom, Switzerland: Free to roam

Swisscom launches LTE roaming, and becomes one of the first operators in the world to offer this service to its subscribers.

Keeping Smartphone users loyal

Keeping Smartphone users loyal

A ConsumerLab report assesses the impact of network performance on consumer loyalty to operators.

LTE Release 12 - another step toward the Networked Society

LTE: The game changer

The evolution of LTE is key to the realization of Ericsson’s vision of a Networked Society. This vision means that, in the future, anything that benefits from being connected will be connected – from parking meters and house alarms to cars and trash cans.

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Learn more about mobile broadband

Learn more about LTE

Ericsson Academy has online tutorials on:

LTE: What mobile operators need to know

Our products, solutions and services

Find out more about our portfolio of mobile broadband solutions.

Our portfolio

Get up to date with LTE

Our new article series addresses key advantages of LTE.

Part 1. LTE: an end-to-end story

The benefits of a holistic end-to-end approach to LTE networks.

Part 2. LTE services

Our LTE story is about more than networks. We also have leading services to offer.

Part 3. LTE: simply the best

Find out how and why LTE came to be the 4G technology of choice.

Part 4: What’s the difference?

A look at the superior user experience subscribers on an LTE network will enjoy.

Part 5. R&D: making the best even better

We are working every day to develop LTE – through R&D, standardization and close customer partnerships.

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You can download all five articles in one handy pdf. LTE: A global success story.

Introducing latest software release

Ericsson Networks Software 14B

Ericsson Networks Software 14B

The Power of Mobile Broadband...

UNPLUG! Let's rethink mobile broadband

As Mobile Broadband evolves it will transform the internet as radically as mobility changed telecommunications. Follow the story here.

Real performance is all that counts

Real performance

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Ericsson cloud offering

Cloud Evolution

Ericsson’s cloud offering delivers distributed cloud capabilities that enable a better user experience for cloud applications, and more efficient utilization of network resource.

Cloud evolution

Ericsson Radio Dot System revolutionizes indoor coverage

Ericsson Radio Dot System revolutionizes indoor coverage

Ericsson Radio Dot System revolutionizes indoor coverage

Ericsson Mobility Report

Ericsson Mobility Report

What are the latest trends, data and statistics helping to shape planning for the Networked Society?

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Are you Service Aware?

Tech Talk: Service-Aware Networks

How can we help you to improve users’ experience of mobile broadband?

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