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The industry impact of 5G

Ericsson asked 900 decision makers in large companies across 10 key industries about the role they expect 5G to play within their sector, the problems they expect 5G to solve, and the extent to which they’d be willing to pay for 5G services. 

More than three-quarters of respondents predicted that their sector would take advantage of 5G.

Learn more about industry expectations on 5G. Read about the most important use cases per industry, what pain points the industry decision makers are expecting 5G to solve, the top barriers for adoption of 5G and the expected timelines for trials and commercial implementation in their business.

The 10 industries covered in the study include energy and utilities, manufacturing, public safety, healthcare, media and entertainment, public transport, automotive, financial services, retail, and agriculture.

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5G for monetizing the industry digitalization

5G will enable additional revenue streams for operators in the wake of IoT and the digitalization of industries. Discover the possibilities, here.

5G for manufacturing

5G offers telecom operators an opportunity to help manufacturers build smart factories and take full advantage of technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT.

Healthcare: Understanding the opportunities for operators

5G can enable operators to join the healthcare value chain. By driving transformation through services like online consultations and remote procedures, operators can improve efficiency and meet demands for greater convenience and freedom of choice.