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Want to know more about how Ericsson will make their vision become a reality? The Perspectives Live events will bring to life insights from our recent articles through inspiring discussions with a diverse mix of expert opinions. Learn about what could happen by 2030, how limitless connectivity will benefit both industry and society and how Ericsson will play a major role to make them happen.


Powering our world with zero-energy devices

Discover how different types of energy harvesting will help to provide new ways of gathering information and the breadth of what is possible, with these devices.

In this interactive discussion our expert panelists: Stefan Parkvall, David Wentzloff, Henrik Eriksson, and Erik Godtman King share a wealth of knowledge on the technology, the applications and a glimpse of what these devices could look and feel like.

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Improving Lives

Ericsson is contributing in so many ways to make the world a better place, both now and for future generations.

Through revolutionizing education, fostering financial inclusion, or redefining the world of gaming there is vast array of opportunities that will shape our daily lives.

Hear from Michael Bjorn, Zohra Yermeche, Mohit Bhargava and Christine Luby as they share a diverse set of insights and examples that show what Ericsson is doing to improve lives now and in the future.

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