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5G is here. ​5G is maturing and 5G is delivering upon the promises ​it made.​ But, 5G has more potential to realize. Ericsson supports our Communication Service Providers with the most robust and high-performing 5G network solutions while planning for future network topologies and ideologies.

What is 5G RAN?

5G is about connecting things everywhere while enabling new use cases. A 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) uses 5G radio FDD frequencies to provide wireless connectivity to devices to deliver these incredible applications. 

New 5G use cases will deliver new revenue streams for CSPs and new connectivity opportunities for subscribers.  These use cases include:  

  • Cloud gaming  
  • AR/VR  
  • Autonomous driving 
  • Fixed Wireless Access  

In order to deliver these use cases, the Radio Access Network consists of antennas, radios, baseband (RAN Compute), and RAN software to enable incredible speeds and mobility.  

Ericsson offers both a purpose-built portfolio and a Cloud RAN portfolio for 5G – offering CSPs flexibility when rolling out networks worldwide. 


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How can service providers achieve strong security by using Cloud RAN?

Cloudification of RAN opens exciting business opportunities such as utilizing the same hardware for different applications. However, it also brings challenges to the secure deployment of 5G critical infrastructure in the cloud. In our new paper, we address four main security threats, as well as the solutions of Ericsson Cloud RAN.

Cloud RAN innovation and purpose-built evolution

Cloud RAN is a key building block for the networks of the future, but the transition to a cloud based paradigm is a journey. In our new paper, service providers will discover the benefits of both Cloud RAN and purpose-built RAN in different scenarios. Discover Cloud RAN benefits and how it can coexist with purpose-built RAN, to meet diverse and varied needs for more resilient, open, sustainable and intelligent mobile networks.

Why network intelligence is vital in addressing RAN threats

The Radio Access Network (RAN) is a large attack surface for advanced threat actors . False base stations are one very specific attack method that can lead to service outages, loss of privacy, financial loss and possibly brand damage. Learn how Ericsson leverages network-based intelligence with high-precision detection methods to finally counter the dangerous threat.

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5G indoor use cases

What connects airports, hospitals, shopping malls, head offices, and factories? Ericsson does with a common solution for exceptional indoor 5G experiences for consumers and enterprises. Ericsson is redefining indoor connectivity with the industry's most cost-effective and modular high-performance small-cell radio system.

Why Standalone is vital for reaching 5G maturity

5G Standalone architecture does for service providers what parents do for their children: reach full maturity and contribute to the world in new ways. By supporting the delivery of enhanced user experiences on existing Ericsson hardware, 5G Standalone offers unbeatable time to market and the opportunity to offer new and enhanced services to consumers and enterprises alike.

Discover ways to leverage the potential of 5G mmWave

Learn how to deploy 5G mmWave-boosted networks and support key 5G use cases with impressive capacity. Deliver gigabit speeds over exceptional ranges to suburban and rural communities.

Benchmark measurements in 5G NR networks

Why traditional methods of measuring radio network performance are no longer suitable for 5G. This paper presents the new benchmarking challenges and recommends conducting 5G radio benchmark measurements based on actual end-user performance. 

Why deploy Ericsson’s 5G RAN Solutions?


Ericsson is the prominent expert in 5G – we have the people, technology and spirit of innovation to drive the industry forward.


Ericsson delivers the industry’s best-in-class 5G RAN portfolio.


Ericsson leads the industry in 5G network performance.


Ericsson accelerates new 5G use case introduction.

Macro 5G capacity and coverage expansion

Discover solutions that enable service providers unlock new businesses and grow 5G coverage fast with spectral efficient networks. The macro portfolio entails 5G Remote Radios, Massive MIMO and mmWave radios with industry-leading compact designs optimized for coverage and capacity in both single-band, multi-band and multi-standard options. The radios are designed for easy rollouts and installations, and built with leading energy efficiency for a more sustainable 5G.

Introducing Radio 6646: 3 low-bands, 3 sectors in one radio

Radio 6646 extends the multiband capabilities of Ericsson tri-sector products by combining 900, 800, and 700MHz frequency bands into one compact 2G to 5G-capable radio.

  • Replaces up to 9 single-band radios
  • 40% less power consumption vs. single-sector 3-band radios
  • 60% less weight & aluminum used vs. single-sector 3-band radios
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Related offerings

Ericsson Radio System

Ericsson Radio System enables smooth, fast and cost-effective migration from 4G to 5G, allowing operators to launch the new technology and grow 5G coverage fast, no matter the scale and complexity. It comprises hardware, software and services for radio, RAN Compute, transport, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions– all run by a common management system.

Dual-band radio for capacity expansion

Modernize sites with the latest multi-sector, dual-band radio for capacity expansion and energy efficiency.

Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO technology offers communication service providers the larger bandwidth of the mid-band to deliver powerful 5G experiences nationwide.

5G Carrier aggregation

Coverage and capacity are the key elements of an optimal 5G user experience. Carrier aggregation is the foundation for a better 5G, an effective tool to extend the network coverage.

Antenna System

Ericsson Antenna System is an integral part of Ericsson Radio System and provides a full range of high-quality products in the following areas: passive antennas, active antennas, filters and combiners, tower mounted amplifiers, feeder system and accessories.

5G sites

End-to-end solutions for the construction of zero-footprint 5G radio sites that are both future-proof and cost-effective for mobile networks that will operate profitably.

Uplink Booster

Ericsson Uplink Booster is an innovative solution available now in Massive MIMO mid-band TDD (Time Division Duplex) radios to achieve extended coverage, an improved uplink throughput and higher spectral efficiency. It is based on the right architecture design decision made from the beginning.

5G new capabilities

Embrace the next wave of 5G innovation with Time-Critical Communication and 5G RAN slicing. Our complete portfolio offers service providers the differentiation and guaranteed performance needed to monetize 5G investments.

Time-Critical Communication - Leading the next wave of 5G innovation

Download our latest brochure to learn all you need to know about Time-Critical Communication and the power of this innovative software toolbox to resolve lags and interruptions in mobile networks. Discover how Ericsson has piloted a wide range of time-critical use cases since 2017 to become a trusted partner for business innovation and ecosystem support.

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Related offerings

Time-Critical Communication

Ericsson Time-Critical Communication (TCC) is designed to resolve lags and interruptions in 5G networks. It combines the 3GPP-specified ultra-reliable low latency communication (URLLC) standard with Ericsson innovations to resolve major causes of latency and to improve reliability.

RAN Slicing

RAN slicing builds on existing 5G network investments to facilitate the creation of next-level services for enterprises and mobile broadband (MBB) end-users while guaranteeing fulfillment of service level agreements (SLA).

Spectrum Sharing

With a simple software installation, Ericsson Spectrum Sharing offers quick introduction of 5G over a wide area, for all 5G-enabled devices leveraging 4G spectrum and existing Ericsson Radio System infrastructure.

5G Standalone

NR RAN encloses a future-proof software offering, co-existing with LTE and smoothly preparing the migration from LTE to NR.

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