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Networks made to deal with mission critical situations

Networks made to deal with mission critical situations

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Journey to mission critical 4G and 5G

Built on Ericsson’s leading 3GPP 4G and 5G technology, our mission critical communications deliver next generation, high performing, resilient and secure mission critical mobile broadband communication services. Together with service providers, we empower digital transformation for Public Safety agencies and Critical Infrastructure industries.

About Mission Critical Communications

Future proof technology

Using our leading 3GPP LTE and 5G technology and critical broadband capabilities, we deliver mission critical mobile communication solutions to mobile service providers and other partners, supporting a wider range of business models.

Secure connectivity

Empowering future-proof, highly secure, reliable and resilient cellular connectivity to government and public safety agencies, such as first responders, as well as utilities and rail transport industries.

Resilient network

Our solutions are designed to complement or evolve existing national or regional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, to dedicated LTE/5G networks or  public networks with mission-critical enhancement, providing comprehensive and reliable voice, data and video services.

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Watch how our mission critical networks enable intelligent operations | Video: 1:35 min

Mission critical networks for industries

Public safety

The public safety sector relies on innovative technologies to shield citizens from preventable injuries and dangers. 

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The future of rail depends on reliable critical mobile broadband connectivity for faster, safer and greener travel.

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Power grid

Strengthen the security and resilience of power grids, as well as boost operational efficiency across the board via employing 3GPP 4G and 5G network.

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For governments

Using our leading 3GPP LTE and 5G technology, we deliver mission critical mobile communication solutions to mobile service providers and other partner.

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In the spotlight

Connectivity when it´s needed the most

Learn more about our 5G deployable network solution and how Verizon Frontline’s Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR) uses it to address mission-critical communication needs. Enabling critical communication in remote or disaster recovery areas is both a responsibility and an opportunity for service providers.

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The user perspective of mission-critical services

Explore how personnel in public safety, utilities, rail, ports and other industries benefit from 3GPP-based push-to-x and mobile data services when migrating from legacy Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks.

Learn about future mission-critical applications, technologies and the organizational and operational aspects involved.

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Case | High tower, high power

Teracom and Ericsson jointly demonstrated the usage of Teracom’s infrastructure of high masts to connect a deployable network for Mission critical communication.

Realizing mission critical connectivity needs

Together with Erillisverkot Group in Finland, Ericsson realizes mission critical connectivity needs by providing the next-generation dual-mode core network products and solutions for Erillisverkot's mission critical broadband network.

Southern Linc pioneers mission-critical wireless telecom in utilities

Southern Linc deployed the first dedicated mission-critical LTE network in the U.S. built on Ericsson wireless technologies,to enable emergency response teams and everyday work efficiently. 

FirstNet's ultimate stress-test | Article

An initiative dedicated to a reliable mission-critical network for successful public safety operations. Article written in cooperation with AT&T.

Axon, Deutsche Telekom IoT and Telstra

Capturing and monitoring real-time video with body-worn cameras is helping keep citizens safer.


Explore our portfolio

Mission Critical Networks

Mobile broadband networks with functionality to support mission-critical communication requirements.

RAN Slicing

RAN slicing builds on existing 5G network investments to facilitate the creation of next-level services for enterprises and mobile broadband (MBB) end-users while guaranteeing fulfillment of service level agreements (SLA).

Network support services

Combining the latest AI technology with the expertise of our people to detect and resolve issues, prevent network outages and ensure service continuity. Being a safety net and a trusted partner.

Security Management

Automated security management safeguards the products and services our customers need to be successful when facing tomorrow’s security challenges.

Mission-critical services

Learn about future mission-critical applications, technologies and the organizational and operational aspects involved.

Cloud Packet Core

Ericsson's Cloud Packet Core portfolio offers solutions for Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and its smooth evolution to dual-mode core opertations, 5G EPC and 5G Core (5GC).

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