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Behind the scenes of tomorrow

A journey through future technologies with Ericsson’s Head of Research

Future technologies for intelligent society

A technological step change is happening now. Galvanized by tomorrow’s connected intelligent network platforms, future technologies will fundamentally change the way our societies innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably. This will create a whole different kind of business model. Traditional business processes will be re-engineered based on intuitive human-machine interactivity, and realized through real-time, autonomous and inherently secure platforms.

As we edge into intelligent society and industry, the increased agility and capacity of networks will accelerate change to a greater extent than ever before. Networks will become increasingly intelligent, enabling zero-touch autonomy and distributed cloud technologies. Connectivity will become tactile, enabling a new wave of immersive technologies based on remote touch and haptic interactivity. The future is at our fingertips. How will you capture the value?

Ericsson research areas for future technologies

5G evolution and beyond

There will be many leaps within the 5G standard, from ubiquitous Gbps to new forms of intuitive person-to-person connectivity. Explore what awaits next.

Future IoT

In future, billions of devices will connect intelligent societies and industry simultaneously, from immersive mixed reality to remote haptic technologies.

Mobile edge computing

Workloads are moving to the edge, closer to the next generation of intelligent devices and machines – making the network an innovation playground.

Autonomous networks

Future autonomous networks will deliver the speed, scale and capacity of intelligent society and industry – with close to zero human touch.

Future network security

As networks become intelligent platforms for innovation, future network security will become key to establishing trustworthiness across future societies.

Cyber-physical systems

The industrial cloud will give life to a new wave of collaborative applications – learning, sharing and leveraging massive data intelligence in real time.

Where innovation begins

Setting the standards of tomorrow

The new 5G standard is anything but standard. Discover how Ericsson’s research and collaboration has been instrumental in setting the standards of tomorrow’s connected society and industry.

Engineering future network architecture

Good architecture forms the foundation of telecom networks. Discover how Ericsson’s network architecture is engineering an industrial evolution to provide a platform for future innovation.