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Welcome to Ericsson's Digital Events. Here you will find the our upcoming webinars as well as our archive of our key digital events this ye...

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MWC Shanghai 2019

Mobile World Congress Shanghai is Asia's leading technology event. Follow Ericsson and our 5G live demos, launches and speakers at MWC Shanghai 2019.

Big 5G Event

Welcome to the Big 5G event

5G Transport – Today, tomorrow and in the future

Welcome to the 5G Transport Summit featuring Global Microwave Meeting 2019, hosted by Ericsson in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together we will discuss 5G transport and be inspired by thought leaders from the transport community. We will elaborate around the impact of new transport solutions when enabling 5G everywhere and how new requirements can be reached and implemented. During the event you will get deeper and broader knowledge on how to build future proof transport networks.

Kista Mobility Week 2019

Are smarter cities, autonomous transports and systems a future or is it happening today? The answer was unanimous – it has already started and the journey ahead of us will transform our cities more and more the years to come. What are the consumers expecting from the city of tomorrow? How are we enabling companies to get there? What do we have today that they need to start implementing? KMW is about connectivity. Everyone will experience what a smarter city will offer – agile, citizen centered transportations, the sounds that dominates when cars are run on electricity, on demand services – everything connected to 5G.